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Posted on 30 September 2010

Keeping so many passwords in your mind at a time is not an easy task at all. Many times we enter passwords for the account while it does not belong to it. And we check one by one password for it, which is very time consuming. This is the reason we forget our windows password too.  We can not think about removing Windows password as worried about computer security. With the advancement in technology, the line of defense is getting stronger and stronger as the time passes. Now unauthorized access is just not limited to password which is comprised of letters, numbers and symbols. You can use your fingerprint as defense line. This possible if you use fingerprint biometric devices to log on to computers, it will make you free from lost windows password.

Windows 7 Fingerprint Logon


Do you know anything about biometrics? Actually biometrics is an increasingly popular technology that provides convenient access to systems, services and resources. Biometric devices measure unique biological traits like fingerprints, voice prints and retinal images and compare them or match them with the stored profile while passwords do not facilitate you with anything like this. The PC can only be used when biometric data matches the profile of the only rightful user.

This technology is safer than password and this fade away your worries about lost windows password. In biometric characteristics, fingerprint recognition has appeared in the computer world. As the number of computer is growing, especially portable computers include embedded fingerprint readers which can be used for identification and authentication of users in Windows.

The latest version of Windows, Windows 7 provides you the native support for fingerprint biometric devices known as Windows Biometric Framework (WBF). This feature made biometric devices easier for users and administrators. You can easily configure and control on local computer or in a domain. Those who have laptop or computer with biometric sensor i-e fingerprint reader, which can very easily setup and enable as the default logon mechanism on Windows 7.

Setup for Fingerprint Logon

To log on to your Windows 7 with fingerprints, you need to create User with your fingerprints with Windows screen. To do so, go to Start button, Control Panel and then Biometric Devices. There you can get step to step guide to create fingerprint logon. It is better to opt finger instead of thumb since its print lines do not appear clearly. Then on the Swipe your finger dialogue box, swipe your finger three times to confirm your particular fingerprint. Once you are successful in clearing three swipes, your system will accept your finger print. Now every time you can login to Windows using your finger prints, even if your password is lost.

Apart from the fingerprint feasibility, those systems that do not access biometric devices or aren’t in favor of fingerprint logon, you still need to set a password of Windows 7 to protect your PC. It is highly recommended that you keep a password reset disk of Windows 7 to avoid any hurdle in future. Even if you still don’t create the password reset disk, you can use Windows password recovery software for example Windows Password Unlocker.

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