10 Useful Tips for Iphone Users

Posted on 09 September 2010

iPhone 4 has been selling like hot cake in the market since its launch. The official product however, does  not come with any tips and tricks mentioned in its manual. Despite that, we have discovered some tips and tricks which we would like to share with you so that you could make the best use of your iPhone 4. This might include for instance making most out of your maps, better organizing your apps and creating shortcuts for your favorite websites.

1. Add Folders to the Dock

You can now add folders on your iPhone on the home screen to better manage and organize your apps. This is only available on the iOS4  and not on the operating systems before this. To do this, hold any app until its starts wiggling, after that drag the app into another app which you would like to include in the same folder as well. The name of the folder will be auto generated which can later be modified by you.

2. Swipe to Delete

This trick might help you save some time. If you wish to delete your messages then you previously would have select your messages which had to be deleted in the edit mode and then delete them after the selection had been made. However, now you could just swipe your finger from right to left on the message and a delete button would appear. This is how simple and quick it is.

3. Manually Add Pins to Maps to Mark Locations

If there is a certain spot on the map which you wish to save then now you can just drop a pin over that place. For this you will see a post it style note icon on the bottom right corner of your display. Tapping this option would give you the drop pin option. After that, just select the name you wish to save it with and you’re done.

4. Turn iBooks Into Audio Books

Voiceover feature essentially reads out anything on your display screen. This means that now you could make your ibooks into audio books. To do so you would have to activate it in settings, then go onto general, then general and then toggle voice over to on and your work is complete. Once its activated, voice over will now read you your selected texts.

5. Open and Save PDFs in iBooks

When you view a document which is in PDF format, it often comes up and then dissapears after you are done viewing it. However, now you could save this page and then view it as many times as you wish to. Simply press and hold on the PDF icon which show you the option “Open in iBooks.” Press this, and the PDF will be ported over, and be available to view in the app from then on.

6. Use the Front-Facing Camera for More than FaceTime

The front camera is not only about face time, you can also now take quick portrait pics and record video from it. To do this go to the main camera option and then hit the camera with an arrow icon on the top right corner. This would switch the view to the front camera.

7. Create a Homescreen Icon for Any Website

If you visit a website very often then now you can add its icon on your home screen rather than visiting safari again and again and typing that website. Press the “+” on the bottom of the screen on your safari browser, select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

8. Change the Display to White on Black

Wish to make your iPhone look a bit different? Then now you can convert its display to black. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “Accessibility” and finally press “White on Black” to “On.” This would invert the colour of your display.

9. Lock the Screen Orientation

If you are a person who read iBooks in your bed and are distubed with the continous movement of the screen orientation then now you could lock that. To activate the lock, press the home button twice, then go to the screen on the left, this will give you a square gray icon with a circular arrow on the far right. Press that and your screen is locked.

10. Change the Spotlight Search Result Order

To perform this function, go to “Settings” menu, then go to “General,” then select “Spotlight Search.” This will give you a list of categories, by touching the three bars icon next to each category, you can how change the order according to your wish.

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