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Posted on 06 August 2010

Miscrosoft  is the world’s leading multinational corporation because of its wide range of computer products and services. One such product is the Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Windows mobile is an operating system created by Microsoft corporation to be used in mobile devices and smart phone.Windows mobile is actually a stripped down version of Microsoft’s windows operating system for personal computers,it was created to bring features common to the PCs to mobile phones and smartphones making the usage of such mobile phones easier for people familiar with windows functionality on the PC. Common PC features like the Internet explorer,taskbar and windows media player are designed in such a way as to fit the smaller screens and also touchscreens. Most windows mobile devices need a stylus to enter commands by tapping it on the touch screen.

The windows mobile operating system entered the market in the year 2000 as Pocket pc, it was used in the personal digital assistant(PDA) which did not have telephonic functionality, after some ugrades it came to be known as windows mobile in 2003, the mobile device containing this operating system usually had telephonic functionalitiy.

It contains Internet connection sharing , this allows users to connect the windows mobile smartphone to a desktop via a USB port or Bluetooth which then allows the computer to connect to the internet.

The latest version of Windows mobile is “windows mobile 6.5” which is based on windows CE 5.2 kernel. Windows phone 7 the rebranded version of windows mobile  is now under development and is anticipated to be released  by year end 2010.

Windows mobile Is currently the fifth most popular operating system for smartphones after symbian, blackberry OS,Google Android and iphone. It has a 2% share of the smartphone market worldwide.

Since late 2009 Windows mobile has been getting lots of negative press from industry analysts and media reports all expressing  concerns  about viability of this platform in the future. Most industry analysts predict that Microsoft will stop production of the windows mobile operating system after windows phone 7 due to the falling market for this platform. Windows mobile is facing really stiff competition from Google android which has relatively captured the market, this is mainly due to the poor business model of Microsoft  which involves charging mobile manufacturers 25$ for each windows mobile copy where as Google gives away androids free of charge.For Microsoft a lot relies on the upcoming windows phone 7,its performance in the market may determine Microsoft future in this market.


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