Watching BBC IPlayer Abroad

Posted on 13 August 2010

Some people have their favorite channels and favorite shows which they cant miss watching. No matter where they are, they would always want to watch it. Just like that if you travel a lot and you are a BBC lover then BBC Iplayer is best for you. It can have a connection to your laptop and you can easily watch your BBC news. But the main problem with it is that you cannot watch it outside the UK. You just get a little information regarding the news. Which becomes annoying if you pay your fees and still don’t get the access through it.

Your IP address Matters a lot:
This basically depends on your IP address, that only little number gets assigned to your computer when you connect to any network. The problem is that your IPlayer detects if what your IP is and checks it if it is in the range inside or outside UK. If it’s UK based then you are lucky to use but if it is on another tough then you obviously cannot watch it.  So in order to get access to the BBC player you can get UK based IP address and it will work easily.
Free Method To use Iplayer:
There are also free methods for accessing the Iplayer. You can route through your own PC. You can leave on of your servers on and get connected to the internet and use SSH tunneling. This will create a tunnel between  your two computers. This way you can get access to BBC Iplayer as your computer will be having a UK based IP address. But if you will watch it this way, this will make the downloading slow and you will not be able to watch it properly. But you can try it if you want.
Through Connecting TV:
You can also use your sling box which you can connect to your TV at home in order to watch the programs coming on your TV. This way the programs can also appear on your computer. For this also you will be needing a UK based Skybox and in order to use this you need fast network connection from home.
Watching Through Commercial Options:
There are many companies who also offer to watch various services through their own private proxy servers. They work the same way like the free ones work but are more fast.
This simple ways might help you to watch BBC Iplayer while you are traveling.

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2 Responses to “Watching BBC IPlayer Abroad”

  1. ashleywatson says:

    Direct connection to my laptop…. really BBC iplayer is best for the traveler.

  2. Dacey says:

    BBC iplayer is the the best player for watching tv programmes and news etc.You can watch programs online through bbc iplayer but there are certain requirements of bbc iplayer that is necessary before its setup.


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