Top Ten Applications For Nokia 5530/5800/X6/N97

Posted on 07 August 2010

Nokia is one of the leading companies these days and their mobile creations are simply awesome. Nokia phones and applications are used by many around the world. Below are listed top ten applications for NokiaSymbian 60 v5 based phones such as Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, Nokia X6 and Nokia N97 mini.
The Y Browser is an definitive file manager developed by Dr. Jukka for symbian based phones. With Y browser the already good manager of your Symbian based phones is taken to the next level. The additional help it gives is by providing access to System Drives which is not supported by your inbuilt file manager.

With your phone supporting the symbian phone system, the Google map application from Google is a must download for your phone. With the inbuilt GPS chip on in your phone, Google works by helping you to locate your way from anywhere in the country. You can download the Google map from your phone which works as additional and better map for you other than your OVI map.

The handy task man allows the amount of free RAM and process running in the background which your symbian phone limits. With the handy task man you can make a list of your favorite tools that are used by you more often and it will allow quicker access to them for you.

Nokia messaging with it’s kinetic scrolling, HTML displaying mails and the push email feature is a must for Nokia phones with Symbian base. However, there is one flaw in this application which is that you cannot view your e-mails in full screen.

Another application called the Bright Light is available on the OVI store for download. This usually works for taking pictures at night mode but in Nokia phone, it works as a very handy torch.

One of the most useful and popular application for Nokia phones is the Quick Office application. The recent launch of Quick Office version 6 also allows symbian based phones to download it for editing and creating documents.

With it’s touch friendly UI, opera mini offers to open multiple tabs at a time, animations and download manager. It is a Symbian web browsing software.

This application allows you to know when you have received a message or an email and it is useful when you are busy using some other application in your phone. This will inform you with its hovering ticker that you have received a new message.

Best profiles allows you to update or change your profile automatically depending on where you are going. For example if you have installed a place where you need a silent profile, the best profile application will automatically change upon reaching that place.

Gravity is a useful application for Twitter users, which is one of the best and most commonly used social networking sites. It also allows you to update your face book status.

So, give these applications a go and enjoy your mobile experience an enjoyable one with addition to these fun and useful applications.

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