Symbian Operating System

Posted on 06 August 2010

The world of today is filled with advanced technology from computers to cell phone to other gadgets and devices. A multitude of software is also being developed to handle such devices. One of such software is the Symbian Operating System.

A Symbian Operating System is a freely available operating system created for smart phones and mobile devices; it is mostly used in Nokia mobiles. It was originally developed from EPOC which a graphical operating system developed by a company is called Psion.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Psion’s Epoc was originally known as Epoc16 a 16bit operating system which was then succeeded by Epoc32  a32bi operating system .The primary benefit of the Epoc32 over Epoc16 was its capability of Multitasking , for example allowing users to use the web and not lose their web content  when answering or making a call

In 1998 Symbian ltd was created when Psion software created a joint venture with mobile manufacturers Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia. The Symbian OS originally ran on ARM processors only. Symbian has become one of the most popular operating system for mobiles since the end of the 90’s decade.

As far as the performance of the Symbian goes, it is created to have low memory; it makes minimum demand on mobile batteries. It has the benefit of multitasking allowing users to message, make calls and use the internet simultaneously. The Symbian also has security mechanisms allowing safety in data storage and secure communication. Symbian also includes global positioning software (GPS), it also has optimized memory management and its architecture is object oriented.

Symbian has been powering mobile devices for quite some time now, in recent years operating systems created by Microsoft and palm plus Apple’s iphone and Google’s android have been the topic of hot discussion but one good aspect for Symbian’s future is that wireless carriers like t-mobile and AT&T have pledged support for Symbian’s new projects plus device manufacturers like Sony Ericsson and Nokia have also committed to the creation of its new operating system making it an exciting prospect for the future.


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