Next version of Android to be called Honeycomb

Posted on 22 August 2010

Honeycomb, yes this is the name that Google has set for its next iteration of mobile phones which will operate on their ginger bread platform. It still hasn’t been confirm by Google officially though, however sources state that this would be the product name.

This phone would not be a new product, however it might just be an incremental upgrade in the same manner as Andorid 2.2 was to Android 2.1. Therefore this next version of Android will probably be Android 3.1 or 3.2 because it would be unimaginable for Android to launch their 4.0 version.

Honeycomb – a surefire way to eventual baldness

As mentioned earlier, there has been no confirmation from Google as yet regarding the name. However its quite obvious that the new name for its product would be chosen between sweets and cakes and there’s not a lot to choose from.

If you look it up on Google, there would be a few sites showing you the result with he phrase “honey comb” however there would be no article which would give you details about it.

The operating software “Gingerbread” is most likely to hit the markets at the end of this year with tablets from Toshiba and Samsung likely to make use of the upgrade, which would only operate with fast processors and high resolution screens.

However, the contradiction arises that whether Google will launch its Honeycomb machines at the same time as Google Chrome OS tablets. This scenario brings up the question whether the market would be large enough to sustain two operating systems from the same manufacturer.

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