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Posted on 30 August 2010

If there was one app that all BlackBerry users wished for then that would be a good mobile VoIP client which lets you make and receive calls using Wi-Fi or 3G connections. It would be preffered if your client was made by Skype however, this isn’t the case. There haven’t been any mobile VoIP app’s for the BlackBerry. Instead, there are apps that use either callback or a local access number over the cellular networks. The other three major smartphone platforms,  iPhone OS, Android and Symbian have multiple mobile VoIP applications, such as Nimbuzz and Truphone.

With the fact that we have with us it seem that Blackberry has been missing out on a huge party. This is because nearly 100 million users are expected to be using mobile VoIP by 2012, with over 471 billion calls likely to be made via mobile VoIP by 2015.

However, today things might change thanks to the Indian VoIP setup based in Bangalore, who has introduced a new VoIP application for Blackberry OS that can make calls over Wi-Fi known as TringMe . It allows multi functioning as with a single-click, you could have worldwide conference calling, and when there’s no Wi-Fi, it can switch to the local-access number/callback over the cellular network.

However, if you are excited and cant wait to get your hands on this app then all you have to do is, go to via your BlackBerry browser and install the app. When you are done installing,  “Call Using TringMe” appears as an option when you want to call a contact from the address book or call log. TringMe is offering a white label version of this application to companies that want to extend their internal voice systems to employee BlackBerry devices. You can also use your own SIP provider, except you have to configure your SIP settings, which isn’t an easy task.

Therfore, life for Blackberry users is no more going to be difficult as now you could download your own and get started with the calling.

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