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Posted on 04 August 2010

Microsoft is used by everyone these days. It has always been  offering different software for the protection of computers. Microsoft also introduces anti virus software these days. As computers are being used by everyone . You may not know if the data which is being transferred from the other computer is virus free or not. For this purpose Microsoft has introduced various anti virus software which protects our computers from any kind of virus which can harm our computers.

Microsoft offers these software for a free test to the customer using it. You have a free test of the anti virus software and then may use it if you think it is protecting your computer completely.

This service of Microsoft, which is providing us with anti virus software is being used by many people around the world. Anti virus software can be easily downloaded through various sites. Microsoft anti virus software were previously named Morro, which is  available in nineteen countries and in eight languages. It is said that this anti virus software will be soon introduced in many other languages so that this software can help everyone using computers. The anti virus software can be downloaded if you have a proper licensed copy of windows XP, windows vista and windows 7 operating systems.
This anti virus software works on the computers by protecting the computers from different viruses. The interest of people in many countries this summer have forced them to introduce the anti virus facility in markets and many other languages in the coming years. People have shown interest on the Microsoft anti virus software as it has performed well in the free test trials which people take first before downloading it.
However it is not well appreciated by the security software industry as it does not completely secures the computer from virus. The Microsoft anti virus software only protects by scanning the computers from the different viruses it may face and it does not provide with the other kinds of technologies or the protection against the most used websites.
Microsoft companies states that it is basically designed to remove the primary level viruses. The viruses which are at the basic level. It does not completely removes or secures  the computer  from all the viruses which may occur. Microsoft anti virus software is not expensive, which is the reason why most of the people around the world use it. It has also built firewall in the latest  versions of windows which protects the computers from the various websites used by a person.
Security essential is available in many countries including France, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Canada and Austria.

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