Latest Dell Inspiron- M101z Netbook

Posted on 05 August 2010

After the huge success of desktopPCs there came the introduction of laptops, which are smaller than our desktop PCs. They are designed for the convenience of the people so that they may carry  the laptops along with them while traveling, in libraries or in places where it is can be used temporarily.
Different companies introduced their laptops with different colors and with special features to attract the buyers. Just like this,Dell introduced its latest Dell inspiron M101z.

Inspiron M101z netbook is the latest netbook introduced by the famous company Dell. It is an 11.6  inches netbook with a soft keyboard and a touch pad which is fast and easy to use. It has nice and attractive features for the buyers.
It has 1.3 mega pixel webcam
A Bluetooth option
A 2GB ram
An Inbuilt speaker
A USB port
A Sim card slot
A 320 GB hard disk
HDMI, VGA output
New Windows 7 operating system
An AMD’s Athlon II Neo processor
11.6 inches screen
A Full sized keyboard
A Long battery life and
A Touch pad
Colors and qualities
It is available in pink , blue, black and red colors which are quite attractive for potential buyers. The new dell inspiron m101z netbook has come up with 25000 market price which is quite reasonable. Students in universities can buy  netbook as it can help them a lot in their daily assignments and along with that they are quite easy to carry in your school bags or handbags. Else then that it can also be used at homes and for working people. Its small size is the greatest advantage as it is easy to carry. It has all the qualities and all the features which are always required by a person in one thing. It also has the wifi system. Through which the internet can be connected automatically by catching signals. Dell Inspiron has attractive colors which enhance the beauty of this mini laptop.
The performance of the latest inspiron m101z netbook is improved as compared to the other laptop’s as it has the Athlon II neo processor which fastens its speed. Moreover, it also has a long lasting battery which stays till maximum 6 hours or more. It also has the 1.3 mega pixel camera which is present in it already thorough which u can take pictures and also have a webcam chat with your loved ones without having the problem of attaching a different webcam like you always do.

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