How To Increase Downloading speed

Posted on 12 August 2010

These days internet has the easiest and fastest way of downloading all kinds of information. U can get all kind of music and information relating each and everything thing, but sometimes downloading becomes irritating if the speed is slow. There is nothing more irritating but the slow download speed which may also delay your work.  If you have a fast computer, easy and fast downloading may help you but if you follow some ways to increase the downloading speed  then you can have a good downloading speed without upgrading your computer. Downloading speed also depends on the rate of data which is being transferred from a computer, the traffic of the site you’re downloading from and your ISP.

There are few tips which will help you to download things with a good speed:
The programs which you no longer use should not be in your computer. The unwanted stuff should be    deleted from your computer which will help fasten your PC.
- You should remove or disable the startup utilities or the services which are  no longer in use.
- Check malware on your computer which also plays a  role in slowing down the downloading speed.
-  When downloading a particular thing, other windows which are not needed should be closed because each takes its downloading time which also slows the speed of your downloading material.
- If you are using Firefox then try using the Mozilla extension entitled with it. Which can help in improving your downloading speed.
All these tips if followed can help you a lot in increasing the speed of your file and downloading material.
There are also some steps which , if you follow might help you ion understanding about the downloading speed of your computer.
-  First step for easy downloading is that you should be aware of your downloading speed. The download speed will depend on the speed of your internet connection.
-  The second step you can do is to test your download speed. By testing you will know if you are getting the speed which is promised by your internet service provider. Testing is easy because there are many online programs that allow you to test the internet speed you have. During the test the site sends you a file which measure the downloading speed.
- The third thing which you may do is to check if your computer is working efficiently. Clean your computer by deleting  the stuff you may not need.
These are the small issues which slow your computer and if you follow them , the speed of the downloading  will increase.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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