How To Protect Your Cellphone

Posted on 14 August 2010

Cell phones like every other electronic device is a fragile object, and needs to be handled carefully, in order to give its optimal performance. Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you, which will surely keep your cell phone in its best state and will offer you a long term service.

Avoid Scratches

Your cell phone will not only perform well, but will also look its best, if it is carefully kept. Use a protective case or a plastic coating so that it remains safe from fingerprints as well as unwanted scratches. Do not toss your cell phone around. Show some compassion!

Moisture and Extreme Heat

Do not leave the phone in places where there is extreme temperature, either it could be a car deck, the kitchen and taking it out unprotected in extreme weather temperatures. When it rains protect it with a plastic bag as moisture is the perfect recipe for mobile phone disasters. Also when you exercise do not keep your cell phone stuck to your body for the music. Perspiration can be lethal for your phone.

Keep It Away from Children

Yes! most people tend to give their cell phones to kids, and by kids i mean 2 to 3 year toddlers, and you might have just guessed what they do with the phones.

They put the cell in their mouth, they throw it around, and your well to do phone looks like a complete garbage. Remember your cell phone needs to be protected from bacteria and unless you don’t want saliva all over your phone, keep it very safe in your pocket.

If Your Phone Gets Wet….

If the hilarious accident of dropping the phone in the toilet or in the water tub occurs, then take immediate action! Take out the battery, pick up your hair dryer (use SOLAR ENERGY in case you don’t have hair dryer) and give your phone a blow dry! Put the battery back in and if it still doesn’t work then unfortunately you will have to buy a new one.

Charging Habits

Most people keep the phone on charge for hours! (memory problem sometimes) and this leads to your battery being overcharged, which means, a gradual fatal ending! Use only the specified charger, charge it only for at most one and half hour, as most phones get full battery within that time period. Do not extend for more than two hours. NEVER plug the phone into the car’s charger while turning the ignition on, or your phone will just fuse away, and you’ll have no time to rescue it….


Never leave the phone’s bluetooth device on, if you do not happen to use it. As you will be having uninvited guests on your cell as well as in your life. Through bluetooth detection, people can get to know where you are, so it’s better you keep yourself safe. Also protect the phone with security passwords, pins and all those codes. Just make sure you don’t end up forgetting them! Restrict outgoing calls if it’s a family phone that can be used by kids and also password protect all private information. You wouldn’t want your prying friends to read your personal stuff would you?

If you follow these simple procedures, your phone can endure you for six or seven years as did my phone! It’s still working new as ever!

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