How To Get An Android Device To Be A Wireless Keyboard

Posted on 24 August 2010

Now this is something very interesting and exciting to do! Turning your Android cellphone into a full fledged wireless keyboard and mouse! This simple act can make your life so much easier (it does make you lazier though). Android is one powerful platform on which we can perform multiple tasks, provided we know the structure and the rules of the game. So here I am going to help you set up your Android mobile into an active keyboard or a mouse, however you like it through the use of a popular platform call the RemoteDroid Server.

Things You Need

1). You will have to have a wireless router (a basic need for any device to go wireless).

2). Also download RemoteDroidServer to your PC as well as to your mobile. This will help link your phone with your PC or whatever device you want to connect it to.

What is RemoteDroid

Before we started off with the process, let me just give you a quick review of what the RemoteDroid actually is and what is it’s main work. This software is a platform on which your mobile can work as a wireless mouse and keyboard. It does this by dividing the touch screen of the phone into three important parts.

One is for browsing, the other is the left and right button. A virtual keyboard is part of the software and you can access it by pulling down a keyboard symbol that acts as the computer’s keyboard.

How To Get Started

1). Establish a connection between the computer and the mobile through the wireless internet of the phone. Make sure they both share the same connection.

2). Download RemoteDroid on both the PC and the mobile.But remember the server part of the RemoteDroid will be for the PC and the Application part will be for the phone.

3). Run the applications and then get the IP address of the computer and insert that into the application on the the phone.

4). The last step is to simply click “connect” and there you go, a wireless keyboard and mouse ready for your easy use.s

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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