How To Find Out Who’s Using Your Wi-Fi Through ZAMZOM TOOL

Posted on 14 August 2010

Wi-Fi though technically advanced, could be something very prone to safety issues. An unsecured Wi-Fi would allow almost anyone within a certain range to access your personal accounts and possibly hack or use your computer for unlawful activities. It is imperative that you protect your Wi-Fi from all intruders and set up a system to detect who could be using your Wi-Fi through unauthorized means.

The first and foremost step is to get a security password on your router, which would prevent any unauthorized access, however, that option is not strong enough, as passwords can also be hacked. There is a program by the name ZAMSOM WIRELESS NETWORK that can help to you to view the number of computers that are logged onto your Wi-Fi account.

  • Before downloading the program shut down all extra computers and devices, if you happen to be managing a wireless router.
  • Now on the computer that your are still using, download the Zamzom wireless network tool from the ZAMZOM website.
  • Install the Zamzom wireless network tool and then launch it.
  • Get the software to review the computer and it will provide the computer’s IP address, the computer name and the Media Access Control (MAC).
  • Allow the Zamzom wireless network tool to scan the entire network through the fast or deep scan.
  • Now after the scan, you should be able to view only your own computer’s IP address. If there is more than that, then it means someone is using your network. But do make sure all other network that you are using should be shut down, otherwise you’ll end up checking on your own devices.
  • Remember though that the program does not exactly tell you who is using the network, it just shows the IP address, but it is also a fact that Wi-Fi is just within a limited range, so anyone who is using it would be very close to you.

Through this simple software you can keep time to time checks on your network and prevent any intrusive activities. However, not all intruders do so illegally, sometimes you could also get a clumsy neighbor who gets on to your network by mistake.

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2 Responses to “How To Find Out Who’s Using Your Wi-Fi Through ZAMZOM TOOL”

  1. Really a nice tool….and now i can track my Wifi unauthorised usage.
    Thanks for sharing
    chandrashekhar´s last [type] ..Contest-Retweet and Comment to Win ReclaiMe Data Recovery Software

  2. Farah says:

    your very welcome! :)


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