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Posted on 20 August 2010

HD has become today’s need. Everybody now days prefers watching video’s in HD for better quality picture. It is evolving at a rapid pace as most of the websites are enabling this feature to view their videos in HD. Video websites such as YouTube now offers you the option to the view the video in HD even if it’s not enabled by default. Besides YouTube, it becomes quite difficult to look up for sites offering you this; therefore we’ve gathered together nine of the best HD online video services for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re search is not met on the sites mentioned below then you can always use Google and Bing as they offer you video search features and often its easy to find what you were looking for.


Initially starting of as a major contributor towards hosting videos, youtube now offers you the best viewing quality for your eyes. It earlier started of with 720p videos for some time, however, it now has gone upto 1080p videos. Many movie trailers and teasers are now up and available on youtube which could be viewed in HD.

2. Flickr

Known for its image hosting capabilities, flickr in April 2008 started hosting videos and its now encompasses the HD technology. The videos hosted on flickr are nothing short of spectacular.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo, a major competitor to YouTube has its own dedicated channels which hosts HD videos. The best HD content is now found on vimeo as it is home to the webs most creative and inspiring HD videos. Vimeo also has an HD video RSS feed.

4. Daily Motion

Likewise Vimeo, daily motion is another contributor in the world of HD. This is a  French setup and has its own dedicated HD channel which offers you the best videos available on the web though sometimes it takes time to find content in English and which might catch your interest.

5. Yahoo HD Movie Trailers

While browsing the web, this website is most likely to catch your eye. Yahoo Movies is home to the best HD movie trailers available on the web though Yahoo videos might not match the same viewing quality

6. Apple HD Movie Trailers

Alongside Yahoo movie trailers, Apple also plays a big role through quick time. It became the leading purveyors of movie trailers on the web and is supported by HD making it No.1 choice for viewing movie trailers

7. Veoh HD

Like other sources, Veoh HD also has a dedicated HD channel which hosts HD videos for your viewing pleasure. The hosting is sponsored by Samsung LED TV’s who themselves believe in providing the best digital image possible. The only drawback of Veoh HD is that you cant share the videos otherwise there are many interesting videos to explore.

8. Meta Cafe

Unlike other sources, Metacafe does not operate its own dedicated HD channel. The content available on metacafe varies from different categories hence your search could be fulfilled here. The HD channel is just like a tag in the video since metacafe does not lay emphasis on playing HD content.


CBS HD provides the best viewing quality available on the web for your favorite TV shows and interviews. It has 1080p enabled video clips which would make your viewing experience beautiful however the irritating ads & sponsors often tend to take your interest off CBS.

10. BBC iPlayer

If you’ve missed any of your favourite programs on the TV then there is no need to be sad about it. BBC iPlayer offers you the same programs online and that also in HD mode provided that you’re in the UK. The iPlayer supports the 720p videos and is encoded at 3.2 Mbps in H.264. It also uses about 1.5gb an hour hence you’ll require a broadband connection of atleast 2Mbps

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