How to convert video for iphone and ipod

Posted on 20 August 2010

In order for you to play videos on your iphone or  ipod, you need to make sure that the video file is in the format that is understood by the respective device. In order for the video to play on your iphone or ipod, you will have to encode it using a codec; this will make the video readable by the device and will also adjust the video size for your ipod or iphone’s screen. Once you have converted the video in the correct format recognized by your device, you need to drag it into your i-tunes and then copy it in the device.

There are several soft wares available that will convert videos for iphone and ipod. There are numerous such softwares available as an open source online. You must try to find such an application that is easy to understand and use and which makes the process of converting the videos simple. Usually these conversion softwares have the iphone or ipod mentioned as a profile, the user simply has to select the video he wants to convert, then select a destination he wants to store it and then choose the profile which works. It is a good idea to keep in mind the exact model of iphone or ipod you possess, this is because some video conversion softwares require you to select the correct model from the profile.
Some really good video converters which are also freely available online are hamster video converter, Miro video converter, format factory, super, handbrake and Freez.

Another freely available ipod video converter is Freez; this software can also convert videos of various formats into the format you require for your device. After downloading the software setup file from the internet, install it and then launch the application.

After launching the application, select the video file you wish to convert, you can edit the audio and video settings to your liking, now click the convert button.

One ipod video converter is videora; it can convert videos of different format to a format recognized by your ipod. It is an open source software, available for free download online. with videora video conversion is simple and the process is easy to understand. It can convert videos with formats like (avi, dvd’s,divx,flv, xvid, x264, vob, mpeg, YouTube, etc.) to the format which will run on your iphone or ipod

Another brilliant software for video conversion is handbrake, this is also an open source software which is simple to use. To convert videos you have to first launch handbrake then click on source, from source select the video you want to convert.Then on the panel under presets choose the device you are using, now click start to begin the encoding process.

There are many other softwares that can do a good job, but choose that software which use find to be simple to use.

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