Five Troubleshooting Tips for Apple iOS 4

Posted on 26 August 2010

Often people look forward to unlocking their devices or jailbreak their iDevices. After the success of the Comex’s jailbreak tool, most of the users have preferred using this tool for this process. However, there are certain issues that always come up with technology, likewise jailbreak users also reported some bugs and errors and here is a list of the compiled methods which would help you resolve your bugs and errors.

Winterboard Issues on jailbroken devices

    The main reason for the Winterboard related issues would always occur since the themes and the app add-ons and not in sync to work with iOs 4 and iOs 4.0.1, therefore this is the only issue and apart from this there are no other problems.

    The solution for this problem would be that you would have to be patient and wait for the proper fix edition.

    iPhone 3G’s Performance on iOS 4

      Apple had assured its buyers that they would look into the problems of iOS 4 which mainly had issues with performance on the iPhone 3G devices. Up till now no development has been seen in the firmware which is why these problems still persist. If you still wish to solve these problems then look up the web for methods which would help you fix you issues but try that on your own risk since those methods aren’t recommended.

      PDF Exploit in iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

        Apple had only released the iOS 4.0.2 and iPad OS 3.2.2 patch for its new products such as the iPhone 3G,iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 2G, iPod Touch 3G and iPad while its previous products including iPhone 2G and iPod Touch 1G have yet not received any update for its firmware or received a fixed patch for it. The PDF exploit being used in the Jailbreak Me tool would easily be used to spread malicious files and could cause severe damage to the device. The solution for this is that Jay Freeman had released their new patch for PDF exploit which helps fixing the security holes in all versions of iPhone and IPod Touch.

        Purple Screen Problem with Jailbreak Me

          Often you would face this problem while using the Jailbreak Me tool, and this problem is that a purple screen would come up. In order to resolve this issue you would have to clear the cache of your browser. There are simple steps to do this, just go on to the settings tab of your browser, click history, cookies and cache and hit the clear button. After doing this, re open the Jailbreak Me tool and now it should function properly.

          Standby Battery Life Issue on Unlocked iPhones

            It has often be seen that after you unlock your iPhone through Ultrasnow 1.0-1, your phone starts losing battery at a faster pace and due to this the iOS 4 has been criticed which makes the performance of your phone poor and makes unlocking phones useless. The only solution to this is that you use the updated version of Ultrasnow 1.1-1 through Cydia and unlock your phone. This would show a dramatic change in your battery life compared to using the older version for unlocking

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