Blackberry Torch 9800

Posted on 06 August 2010

Cell phones, computers, video games and Psps are all electric machines that have made the world go around them. Every person has a cell phone in his hand these days, required or not. Infact it has become a necessity for every one. A person feels incomplete without updating himself by getting the latest cellphone. It doesn’t matter whether one is a student or a person handling a business. All you have to do is keep a latest cellphone and that will not only help you technically but also make you look cool in front of your peers and colleagues. All these everyday new inventions leave people amazed and become very eye catching tools.
The fast moving technology has introduced yet another  fascinating device which is the Black Berry Torch 9800. Black Berry is a mobile e-mail and smart phone device which is developed and designed by a Canadian company.  It is basically designed for the people handling a business or for people who travel a lot for their business deals and purposes. It is basically a business phone which enables you to have instant access with your networks. This smart phone brings together all the special features which a person might find in one cell phone.

The black color of  Black Berry Torch 9800 gives a smart look and the sliding feature makes it more attractive and appealing for the customers. Black Berry Torch 9800 has the following features which again are very appealing for the customers:
1) It has a 3.2 inch touch screen display.
2) It also has 480 x 360 resolution.
3) A full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

4) An optical track pad.
5) It has a 5 mega-pixel auto focus camera including video and scenes.
6) It also has Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP.
7) It has a Wifi facility.
It has a full HTML tabbed browser.
9) A social  networking support for facebook Twitter and Myspace.
10) It has a 4Gb flash memory and 4GB micro SD card.
11) Music and video playing options including iTunes.
12)Black Berry 6 OS comes with integrated search and new UI.
18) It also has a long lasting 1,300 mAh lithium battery.
19) Moreover it also has a GPRS facility.
20) Mobile instant messaging.
21) Black Berry internet service.
Hence, all these impressive features are the reason why people are buying the Black Berry torch 9800 in a large number. And of course why should not they buy it? What else does a technology oriented person need. Whole lot of features in one Black Berry device. New machines and new celphones are waiting for the next day to be introduced in the markets but a Smartphone like Black Berry will be rare as it gives all the required things in one small phone. Just like a mini computer would have been.

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One Response to “Blackberry Torch 9800”

  1. Not one of the best blackberries by the reviews but i kinda enjoy the slide phones. Looks like another revision of the pearl to me.


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