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Posted on 09 August 2010

If you are a movie lover and love watching movies then the ipad can be the best friend you want.
The new ipad has all the apps you would want to watch. With your ipad apps you can enjoy and watch the movies and your favorite drama serial.  The ipad has 6 television and movie apps.

Netflix is am excellent service and is loved by people. Netflix app is a website browser where the tailored version site can be viewed by allowing you to watch any movie which is present in its collection. You can also add your favorite movies and delete the ones you don’t want. The ipad app is not so polished but it works the way you want. The app is totally free but you will have to pay for the subscription monthly after you have a free 30 day trial. This way you can easily make out if you wish to have it.
HULU plus:

Hulu is another app of ipad. The app is also totally free but u need to subscribe it. There is a free gallery which has single episodes of good shows. You have to subscribe and pay monthly about 10$. The attractive hulu app will allow  you to watch the shows you like by viewing them in a gallery. These lovely shows will definitely force you to subscribe it. But a disadvantage in hulu is that the adds between the shows cannot be exempted and you will have to watch those periodic adds.

ABC player: (free)

While using ABC player you can watch your favorite shows by selecting. There are 30 evening shows, 4 daytime shows and moreover any other specials which have appeared in the last few months. You can also view the ABC schedule to find the timings of the shows that are not on the list.

Flixter: (free)

Flixter shows the times of the  movies which are being shown in local theaters. You can also buy tickets if you want. It also shows the trailers of the latest movies and you can watch the trailers of the upcoming movies. Using this app can sometimes become irritating as it pops the add of the movie which you will have to dismiss before using the app.

IMDb: (free)

By using IMDb you can get all the information you want regarding the actors working in the movie and moreover all the information you want regarding the television shows or any movie. So, when you use netflix and choose movies, you can find the information regarding it by using IMDb app. This app is fats and also free.

Yahoo! Entertainment:  (free)

The Yahoo! Entertainment has an interesting front page which you can either hate or like. There is a living room where an ottoman is parked near a glowing television screen and along with a TV guide, a magazine and DVD case kept on the ottoman. By clicking on each  you can view different apps. The magazine will take you to Yahoo! Entertainment news, the TV guide will surely take you to TV guide and the DVD case can allow you to watch videos. Each one has its own unique app. The best thing is the TV guide which can allow you to watch your local programmes based on your provider and you can also hide individual channels.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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