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Posted on 17 August 2010

No matter which part of world you’re living in, your Android phone will keep you entertained and won’t let you feel alone. Besides having a great MP3 player, your phone can literally turn into a entertainment centre looking after all your needs.

Your portable media centre can be synced with various applications ranging from different categories. It could help you sync your entire media library, help create your own music and videos, also be able to stream live radio and video’s etc. All in all, this phone would cater to all your needs hence proving to be more than just any ordinary phone. Below we have analyzed few of the applications that will give you a media entertainment experience that you never would have imagined ever before since it’s all possible with Android.

1. Best Media Syncing App: Double Twist

This is one of the top leading applications as it is designed for use with your Android phone. Unfortunately, this software is not available in market as it is a desktop application for your Mac or PC. One of the most important features of this app is that it helps you convert any media file to the required format but just dragging and dropping it. Recently they also launched its own media player which would work on your android phone and has a very slick look. However it’s still missing some certain things which hinders its progress from being the best media player.

2. Best Music/Video Player: Tune Wiki

In order to enhance you’re listening or viewing experience, this app brings out the best features for android customers. It also provides a beautiful interface making it very user friendly. In addition It takes your music collection to a totally different world, gives access to internet radio through SHOUTcast or, helps you locate lyrics while you hear your favorite song and much more.

3. Best Remote Control: Gmote

This is one of the most creative apps available for the android as this makes your phone into a remote control giving control of your PC. It enables you to control your media through the phone like accessing itunes or your picture gallery etc. After installing the Gmote server on your computer, all you have to do is to launch the app from your phone, enter your password and without any delay enjoy the benefits. Through 2.0 release, you can also stream songs through your phone’s speakers.

4. Best Personalized Radio: Pandora

Pandora is a customized radio, designed to cater to your personal needs and requirements. It just plays the type of songs you’re attracted towards and assists you discover upcoming artists with similar styles. It creates a distinctive station for each for your unique musical tastes and alters according to your mood. Pandora keeps updating itself as you listen more and more to it and learns about your flavor and provides more specified suggestions. If you are currently using Pandora, just sign in to get instant access to your current personal stations.

5. Best Streaming Radio: Rhapsody

In terms of free apps, Pandora and are preferred by people who usually know what their mood is but if you are aware about what you want and you are eager to get it, then all you need is access to Rhapsody. On monthly subscription, you can get immediate access to songs on larger scale to match your impulse. It gives you all the tunes you want and you don’t even have to purchase tracks or albums anymore.

6. Best Podcast Player: Listen

Now you don’t have to search for long hours for new episodes or launch them from a link in a RSS reader. Allow Google’s listen podcast manager to search, arrange and stream all your favorite episodes in one single place. Now you don’t have to do the hassle of searching for new programs, just subscribe to channels or download fresh shows because this application will keep you updated as soon as they are available.

7. Best Audiobook Player: Audible

Audible has recently launched its application for your android phone which is in its beta edition for the time being. This helps getting your audiobook experience right as most players don’t work well with audiobooks which you might want to bookmark.

8. Best App for Watching TV: SPB TV

SPB TV is your own personal TV which you can carry anywhere. You can pay little extra ($9.95) to get more channels. It’s got picture in picture technology enabled and helps you kill time at places where tv isn’t accessible. It has some limitations that it decreases your battery life and the streaming depends on your bandwidth.

9. Best E-book Reader: Aldiko

People who love to read and like to spend fortune on reading, then this is the perfect thing for such people. It allows you to do read books through mobile. Now you don’t need to carry books along with you while you have Aldiko. It follows customized format that satisfy your needs. The best feature about Aldiko is that it will read any ePub file, which allows you to import or download through Aldiko’s online catalog.

10. Best Magazine Reader: Issuu Mobile

This application helps you gain access to magazines, read about what’s happening in the world around you, be it political or related with the world of fame. The application is so well developed that it could eventually become your go to digital news stand.

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2 Responses to “Best Applications for Android Phones”

  1. jesus says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know about the slig link adapter from DISH Network. This will allow you to access your TV and DVR content from your 3G android phone. Check it out at! As an employee for DISH I can say this is an amazing app for your phone!

  2. Phil4 says:

    **Best email client: K-9 Mail (search, push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self, mail on SD & more. K-9 supports IMAP, POP3 and Exchange (with WebDAV))

    **Best folder explorer: Root Explorer
    File manager for root users. Access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!).
    SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create/extract zip files, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via email, bluetooth etc), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer.)

    **Best cleaner: Refine Efficiency Pro
    - cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
    - market history cleaner;
    - task killer;
    - start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
    - task scheduling.
    Also browser history cleaner.


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