5 Online Place to Find Cheap Textbooks

Posted on 31 August 2010

Since college is such an expensive enough endeavor, you might be wondering how to cope up with the expense for your textbooks. There are various ways through which you could cheap and affordable books:


Amazon being one of the leading names in the textbook business offers you cheap and affordable textbooks. For this they even offer free Amazon Prime membership for which they will refund your remaining balance and extend your prime membership into the future. Here you could find a variety of books catering to your need which could be from new with a slight discount to heavily used and extremely discounted.


This might be the most affordable means of all, Chegg offers a nice compromise between buying the overpriced textbooks from local bookstore and shopping for used books online. The books here aren’t purchased and are rented out to students for a period of either a semester, a quarter or a 60 day rental window. For this you might get up to 80% off compared to the retail prices. The added benefit is that  you get a 30-day “any reason” return policy and free return shipping.


AbeBooks is a well known name in the textbook business which likewise other online stores provides you access to new, used and rare books. The have a section with new and used books that average 50% off retail and there were other books that crept up in the 75-90% range. Their prime offer is that they offer you a 30 day return policyand an easy to use sell back program.


The strong point which stands out for this store is their buying wizard. Likewise other stores, half.com also offers you cheapest prices in terms of new and used books. This store is a subsidiary for eBay. Using the mentioned wizard above, it would help you find your required book with the best possible combinations of prices and combined shipping to get your books quickly and cheaply.


Likewise other stores, Bigwords also is a text book selling store which deals in new and used books. Their main focus is multi item price optimization. When you look for your required book, this store would help you find the absolute bargain basement prices. However when you use gets over, you could use the bigwords engine in reverse to sell them all back or donate your textbooks through Better World Books to help fight illiteracy in developing nations.

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