Top 5 Must Have Gadgets

Posted on 13 July 2010

Though the month’s leading gadgets have been the HTC Droid and the Apple iPad, there are other gears and gadgets that have also topped the list too. These devices are products created to give users a taste of next generation computing and technology. For all tech savvy people, these devices are a must have. Though the prices could be intimidating it’s certainly worth it.

Alienware M11X

For gaming addicts, a thoroughly high functioned gaming laptop is brought to the center stage. Alienware M11X has a low voltage processor and high end graphics, which comes at the price of $799. Most laptops are not suitable for high end gaming, even though they have strong capabilities, but the Alienware M11X is one such laptop that provides gaming as well as affordability. A hybrid 11.6inch screen, with INTEL Core 2 Duo processor mixed with Nividia graphics card that allows for the switching on or off of battery to save energy. Because of its compact size it could be carried along anywhere very conveniently. For those who want an even higher device the Alienware M15X is the best choice available. Compared to that the M11X is just like a small sibling.

Audio Engine 5

Want to have fantastic music for your party? Then get yourself the ultimate Audioengine 5, which is meant to rock your musical world. Having a simple outlook and design, it works like a musical bomb. It has two audio inputs, two charging options and starts from the price of $79.99 to $199.

The only set back to this superstar is its bulky size. People having small rooms, may find this very inconvenient to their environment, and therefore it suits only large halls or houses. The Audioengine though still is the king of all speakers.

Flip UltraHD

The latest camcorder to hit the market and gaining top position is the Kodak Flip Ultra HD, that shoots 720p of high quality video. Compact, mini and having rechargeable batteries, it is compatible with Mac and Windows Machines. The setbacks is it’s a tad bit costly with the starting price as $108 and the final price as $189. It doesn’t have a memory card slot, which could be a big blow to most people and also no cable included for HD output. It’s sexy, it’s friendly and it’s considered to be currently the best!

LG Infinia

The LG Infinia is currently one of the best LCD out there in the market. Deepest shade of black, excellent shadow detail, fantastic color and many other streaming and interactive features. Having a 1.4 inch deep panel, it is energy efficient and provides extensive picture controls.The set back is its expensive price which ranges from $1,848 to $2,699 and is not very much affordable by everyone out there. However, if you want exceptional quality viewing with fantastic design, features and performance and are also ready to pay that price, then the LG Infinia is all yours!

Palm Pre Plus (Verizon Wireless)

Another smartphone invention by none other than the leading broadband company, “Verizon”. Providing internet services to iPhones and other such smartphones, now the  company has launched its own smartphone with the name of Palm Pre Plus. Offering a durable and strong capacity RAM the phone has proved to be quite an accessory for smart phone lovers. The setback is its soft speaker volume and the tendency to grow hot. However the phone has become the top WebOS device with all the advanced features required.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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