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Posted on 29 July 2010

So! want to buy a new music device, but confused? iPod or MP3 player? Which seems to be the better option. To understand which one you want, you will have to understand the functionality of both and then decide whether it is worth your money or not. Let’s figure out some basic stuff about the two.


iPod is actually a branded form or you can say an upgraded form of an MP3 player and it is released by none other than the APPLE Inc. Titan of the technology world. The iPod is a portable music player that has various designs and features. If you are someone who’s looking at a posh, elegant music player then you  may like the colors and the designs of the iPods. From being a basic Apple iPod in 2001, it has been revolutionized in many ways and have a variety of sorts to choose from, with obviously different price tags. There is the iPod classic, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini and the latest iPod Nano. With iPods you can download music only from Apple iTunes software and using this you can store a music library on the computer too. There are also some iPods that offer burning of music from CDs, transferring of photos, videos, games and other minor applications.

MP3 Players

Now let’s take a look on what are MP3 players and their main functionality. This fella is a digital audio player and is small in size, weighing just around an ounce and uses the USB data storage facility to transfer files to and from the PC. MP3 players support all the common types of audio formats including WMA, WAV, MIDI and AAC.

With an MP3 player you just get plain music with no hassles at all. Some of the latest MP3 players may include playlists, radio and even web streaming. What’s best is that you can put in music downloaded from anywhere and you do not have to be restricted in using any particular software like the iTunes.

Which One Should You Buy?

Now that you know the difference between an MP3 player and an iPod, it’s time to decide which one should you buy. Let’s look at some decision making factors of the devices.


Of course the price of the two devices varies a great deal. iPod being of the Apple production has a very high price tag of $100.00 and beyond, depending upon the GB rate. If you love Apple stuff and want to opt for a $100 music playing device, then you might go for this one. If not, an MP3 player that gives equal amount of facilities can be obtained at a very low price of only $25. This is a stark difference! Choose well!


Well, the features of an iPod classic and that of an MP3 player is almost the same with not much of a difference. In fact operating an iPod could be a tad bit confusing, if you plan to give it as a gift to someone who is not much into technology and it’s inventions. On the other hand an MP3 player has simple buttons of play, stop, forward, rewind and that’s about it. The sound quality is excellent and the person can also listen to the radio too, without much of a hassle.


Well it’s obvious that Apple always comes with posh, elegant, shiny products especially in angelic white or sweet pink. If you are into colors and looks, then the Apple would suit you. If you just want a plain, compact, mini sized device, then take on the MP3 player. It’s easy to carry around and it does not even attract unwanted attention. You do not have to have a heart attack if your MP3 player happens to fall around or gets some mechanical errors. The best part is that latest MP3 players come in various shapes and sizes such as teddy bears, broken hearts, cars and many other fantastic designs! It is also an ideal gift that you can give to any young child or even to an adult.

Servicing/Technical Issues

As famous as Apple products are, they are also equally famous for their hidden flaws and servicing issues (recent iPad, iPhone issues). If you do not happen to have an Apple Service Center in your area or city, then you’re in for a bad time if the device happens to malfunction. The $100 you spent on this fragile device will hit you hard, if it happens to malfunction. The MP3 player seldom malfunctions and is one strong and hardy guy!


I, personally find the MP3 player to be a much more durable, strong, reliable, fun and compact device than the iPod. It’s affordable, provides me a chance to get as much music as I want, I do not have to be restricted to using only iTunes as in the case of iPod. However, if you think that an Apple device is a must have, then you need to see to your pocket, you need to see to the service and the safety issue of taking the device around.

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