Posted on 24 July 2010

Google. The now approved alternate vocabulary for, “search”. Millions and millions of people log online each day to search on this great site for all information that they need, but have you ever actually googled on Google about Google??? Well! I did and here’s what I found that made me completely fall in love with this search engine giant!

Founders Of Google

The founders of  Google are not some old cranky businessmen, but rather two young, smart, enthusiastic and geeky individuals, Sergey M.Brin and Lawrence E. Page, and they founded this company way back in 1998. Since then there has been no more looking back!

What’s the meaning of GOOGLE?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by Google? Here’s some info behind the meaning of this name. The original word is actually, “Googol” a mathematical term brought out by Milton Sirotta, but used in a book called, “Mathematics and It’s Imagination” written by Kasner and James Newman.

The mathematical meaning of the word is 1 followed by 100 zeros, and the founders of Google took on this name so that they could represent the strength of information the site would be able to handle. However an accidental mistake of the original spelling of the word turned into, “GOOGLE” and this was what attracted the founders more. So since then we have GOOGLE, the search site that is meant to handle the highest level of database.

Google Online Empire

Initially starting off just as a plain search engine, Google has gradually grown into a full fledged online empire, with services that looks up to every need of the user. From chatting on Gtalk (Google’s own messenger), to have Goolge Translate, translating your stuff and then from getting latest book previews, scholar journals, news, weather almost every single thing done online has a part of Google in it. It’s like as if Google owns the entire online world.

There are Google maps, Google videos, Google images, Google Blogs, Google Adsense for business promotion. There is also a full fledged Google Office that can be downloaded and used for free, which seems to be compatible with every format. Browsing on the Google site is itself an experience that doesn’t leave a person bored. Elaborating each of these services would surely take up days. No other company, not even Yahoo and MSN can match up with this giant. The fun part is that, all these services are light, has no complex images, no complex signups, nothing. You can just log in and enjoy. In case you want to contribute to any piece of knowledge or want to search on it, then you can always log on to Google Knowledge a portal of thousands and thousands of articles for you to enjoy from.

Google’s Office

OK! This is what I love about Google. It’s fantastic, top rated, most desirable work place. Listed in the world as the number one, top best work place. Google doesn’t believe in serious, suite attired, corporate desks culture. It believes in innovation, creativity and enjoying the work that you do. Therefore the founders created this main complex in Mountain View, California that is majestic and yet filled with fun! Google employees don’t feel like they are actually working for one of the greatest companies on Earth, as they are given unimaginable benefits and opportunities. Google founders give employees 20% of work time in doing any of their favorite projects, rather than doing anything imposed by the company. The results of this innovative, creative time can be seen in Gtalk, Orkut, Gmail, and many of the other services. The founders didn’t plan for all this, but because they gave the needed creative time to workers, they were able to launch all kinds of services. Besides that the GOOGLE office has a large gym, sixteen different kinds of cafeteria, laundry services, sleeping boxes, special outing cars for employees, drinks area, snacks area, private cabins, tools, gears, gadgets, play area, health instructors and virtually any kind of service that can be imagined. Working with Google, leaves one feeling like staying home, which is one of the reason why Google employees simply never leave!

MEETING ROOM!! sooooo relaxing

You don’t need stairs, just zzzzhoooppp down!!! This is call, FUN!!

No more back aching, stuffy, chairs!! Enjoy nature or work!

snnnnooorrrreee…… (this is how you get great ideas!)

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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