Choosing Between Netbook or Laptop

Posted on 22 July 2010

The netbook and the laptop though are of the same kind, have distinct features and functionality. They have a variety of difference in price, computing needs and work processes. When aiming to buy a mini PC many people are left confused between choosing a laptop or a netbook and often fail to purchase one that could really suit their needs. Before deciding on what to purchase, here are few points that you should consider, which would help you in  choosing the right gadget.

Difference Between Laptop and Notebook

It is imperative to know the difference between a laptop and a netbook, before any purchasing decision can be made. Netbooks were introduced since the year 2007, as to be a gadget that is light, compact and is meant for casual use. On the other hand the laptop has been around for a long time and has evolved from a flimsy device to one that now eliminates the use of a traditional PC. As it is they are much more heavier and costlier than the netbooks, also they have more functionality and are not as limited as the netbook, which is the mini version of a laptop.

What Are Your Computing Needs

First of all you have to determine your computing needs, that is how would you use the specific device and for what purpose. If you only plan to browse the net, chat or do light hearted work such as Word processing or other such stuff, then you should opt for the netbook.

However if you have heavy usage such as graphic designing, video editing, and other computationally intensive tasks, then the laptop is obviously the optimal choice.


Remember that the netbooks do not have that much of hard disk space and neither do they have a high end, accelerated RAM to support heavy functionality. Besides that they do not have many USB ports, connection ports, built in webcam or other advancement as that in the laptop and for gamers, netbooks should definitely be a huge NO. The only advantage a notebook has towards the laptop is its light weight and compact design.


A netbook can cost only around $ 300 to $400, whereas a laptop could be double that amount. However, a laptop could be a worthy investment, but if you have a limited budget and still want something mini, then opt for the netbook. But keep in mind that less costly means lack of optical disc drivers, and other functionality.


Laptops are replacement of the traditional strong and stable PC and are manufactured to meet the same level of operational strength as that of the PC, so anyone who is a professional and who requires heavy work, should use a laptop. For students and light starters, who don’t have anything much to do with a high end, professional laptop, can always opt for the netbook which seems to be perfect for starters.

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