Apple’s iPhone 4 Controversy

Posted on 15 July 2010

The initial dubious concern over the iPhone 4’s antennae problem is now a sure fact as Consumer Reports have announced the phone to have a major flaw. People are now starting to suggest for Apple to recall the iPhone, a move that could create a potential loss of $1.5billion.

The total problem has been associated with iPhone creating a disastrous drop in signal the moment it is tilted on to one side. To add insult to the injury, Apple seems to put up a very unfriendly customer service approach. It refuses to acknowledge the fact that the phone is flawed and instead is bend upon providing advices on how to handle the phone.

It is also promoting the need to buy special cases, which Apple sells out individually too. Now this has become something of a cover up for a major flaw and has obviously left customers world wide very dissatisfied. The only people who seem to be unaffected by this problem are very close to AT&T centers.

Apple would not want to recall back it’s much hyped iPhone due to two problems; it’s image and the cost incurred.

If the iPhone is recalled, Apple would be suffering from a serious image problems. People would think twice before any of their product would be bought, as already Apple seems to be a company that lives on posh looking products rather than providing professional services. Secondly if Apple recalls it’s phone, it could have an estimated of 3.5% loss of cash.

There could be one solution to the problem if Apple agrees to provide customers FREE of cost rubber cases that could prevent the hand from coming in between the antennae. This would be a gracious way to accept a flaw as well as to fix it. However, Apple right now seems to be doing the opposite. It is denying this fact, it is being unfriendly and it is also removing user comments from its blogs, that mentions the signal problems.

According to the Wall Street Firm, if this is the way Apple continues to behave, it might just encounter a very bleak future, in terms of the iPhone. Based on this main issue, many other past controversial issues have come into life. Apple’s restriction of Adobe’s Flash on it’s software, the leak of the Apple Prototype, the secrets, the restrictions, limited disclosures and now this antennae issue has definitely created a negative image for the company. These collective issues have somehow crept into the minds of consumers and now they don’t seem very much attracted towards the company and it’s services.

The only solution that the company offers right now is the use of rubber cases and that it will work on a software update that will fix the signals displayed on the phone. Seems like Apple is in for a bad bad time!

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