Why You Should Get An iPhone 4G?

Posted on 10 June 2010

The iPhone 4G is the latest iPhone model to hit the market. It comes with outstanding features that makes it not a mere phone, rather a full fledged media device. There are millions of apps that can be downloaded, games that could be played, and many other entertaining aspects. Besides that it is immense downloading speed, a superb processor, wider and sharper screen, thin infrastructure and built to suit all your needs, whether your a professional or simply a technology lover.

Here are some reasons as to why you should get the iPhone 4G instead of any other regular phone. But beware, the price could be a little off budget.

1). Improved Screen: The screen is now much better with 326 pix/inch, 3.5 inches in total and is more sharper and wider, which allows you to read e-books more easily.

The colors are more attractive and there is clear visibility. This new screen is given the name, “Retina Display” screen.

2). Smart Exterior: The phone’s infrastructure is quite compact and sleek. It’s thin with a thickness of only 9.3 millimeters which means that it can easily fit your tight jeans pocket. Along with that the black and silver casing makes it extremely elegant and adorable. The buttons are placed neatly around the sides of the phone.

3). Camera and Video Quality: The iPhone boasts a 5 mega pixels camera with flash and excellent video recording capabilities. It also replaces the need of having to possess a digital camera. Now you simply have an iPhone, click a picture and upload it straight away to your Facebook account or send it to your friends and family. All possible in one go.

4). Multitasking Ability: Unlike other phones, iPhone has the ability to do multitasking. This means that while attending a call you can check your mails, or you can listen to music while dealing with some other application. It does not limit the usability of a person and this makes it a flexible device to handle.

5). Battery Life: The battery life earlier was quite a problem when so many applications had to be run on the phone, but now in this 4G system, the battery is expected to be 20% more enhanced and more suitable to the needs of users.

6). Storage Space for Application: The iPhone 4G allows for a whooping amount of 2160 apps to be stored in itself! An amazing feat and a great news for iPhone users, as compared to the prior limitation of only 180 apps.

7). Free Music and Book Store: If you want to read free novels (e-books) and download free music then you can easily download them from the apple istore for FREE! This has driven book crazy people to become more crazier!

With these and many more improvement in the iPhone 4G, the device is expected to get everyone on their heels and benefit from the hordes of apps and the phone’s overwhelming abilities.

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2 Responses to “Why You Should Get An iPhone 4G?”

  1. Is there any way one of these will end up on Sprint?

  2. Good sentiments, well expressed!


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