Top 10 Best Android Widgets

Posted on 05 June 2010

Android introducing various nice widgets and large number of people like these widgets. So in this article I arrange top ten beautiful widgets, I hope you will like it and let me reply your favorite widgets in your comments.

01: HTC Weather and Clock Widget:

HTC weather and clock is one of the best android widgets which allows user to interface with the favorite weather forecast site is another nice feature of this widget. It is best weather and clock widget for android.

HTC weather and clock widget

02: Android Agenda Widget:

Android agenda is also one of the best android widget that pulls from your business calendar and allows for significant modification to the display. This will help you for meeting information. It is very decent calendar widget substitute. Allows you to modify the size (my favorite feature), colors, update interval, multiple calendars, and much more. It is one of the best executed widgets accessible on the market.

03: Slacker Radio Widget:

Slacker Radio is also one of the best android widget. Through this widget you can in the car via FM transmitter. It works as a nice satellite radio alternative use slacker while anyone at work with no cell service, at home though the web, and.

04: Tech Buzz Widget:

Android tech widget is also one of the best for android. Tech widget allows you to select their selection of refresh rate, so if you can’t live without significant what’s going on in your favorite kind, this widget is free for you.

05: Stock Music Widget:

Stock music widget is also one of the best android widget; this widget is very useful for the music as well as for android lover. Another thing of this widget is it doesn’t always display the album art. What seems to work best for me is the stock music widget.

06: Pandora Widget:

Pandora is also one of the best android widget. Pandora is very helpful to control playback from a home screen widget as well as you can find out other related artists, make a smart folder to get fast contact to your stations from the home screen.

07: Stock Android Widget:

08: Sticky Memo Widget:

Sticky Memo is also one of the best android widget. This widget allows you to add sticky notes to your home screen brilliantly, and you can choose from a wide range of sizes. Sticky widget is very helpful just tap the note to edit. This widget is totally free for you.

09: Pure Grid Calendar Widget

Pure Grid calendar is also one of the best android widget. If you have android phone, pure calendar is best widget on you home screen. Almost every feature of the widget can be tweaked to your predilection.

10: Better Cut with Android 2.0 Icons

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6 Responses to “Top 10 Best Android Widgets”

  1. J Kane says:

    Getting my Android phone next week…can’t wait to try out some of these widgets!!!

  2. Aanchal says:

    Mobiesta is the best widget i have come across. Mobiesta is a lifestyle app which gives me information of almost everything we require such as latest discount offers, latest movies, exhibitions, music concerts and many more and not only this,it also equips me with detailed information of emergency no.’s….

  3. karl says:

    Totally awesome….i am still amazed at the great info i come accross on the web….thanks

  4. Alex says:

    Awesome widgets! But I only use widgets that really important for me. Too many widgets will drain your battery very fast!
    Alex´s last [type] ..Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Review

  5. Assistant widget is definitely my favorite, should be on the list..


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