Speed up Your Internet Browsing with Fast Free Public DNS Servers

Posted on 09 June 2010

Precious page loading time is lost due to slow and obsolete DNS servers maintained by your internet service providers. ISP’s usually update their DNS servers once every 24 hours. Also their servers are sometime under-powered to handle the load of DNS requests generated by their network. There are often times when one can’t browse anything while the internet seems to be connected fine.

Due to slow DNS servers, Internet browsing becomes very painful. Pages seem to take forever to load.

How to tell that your DNS server is not working

If the the status bar of browser is showing

Looking for www.google.com (or any other site)

This means DNS is not resolving properly

Solution to Slow Browsing Issue

Solution is quite simple. you should replace primary and secondary DNS servers with one of free fast public DNS servers from the list below.

List of Free Fast Public DNS Servers




How do I change or setup DNS server IP address?

Visit below mentioned site to setup DNS as per your operating system:


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