5 Reasons Why I Hate Your Blackberry

Posted on 16 June 2010

The Blackberry came as a revolutionary smart phone for people who were constantly on the go and wanted to remain updated with their emails, businesses most of the time. The phone acts like a mini PC where there is email services, instant messenger clients and other tools that catered to the need of businessmen. However, it could not reach the main public, due to its professional nature. It had many disadvantages that had made the normal class public quite pessimist about its functionality. Some of the few disadvantages are elaborated here.

Not Suitable for all ages

Well, the phone is so professionally made, that majority of teenagers and normal working class people concluded that it was too expensive to pursue and secondly it did not offer anything different or fun filled for the mass users of mobile phones users today. People knew they could get better enriched phones that would have much more facilities under a lower cost and what would suit their age. The phone is not meant for use by regular people and does not match up with the age limit of using a Blackberry smart phone.

No FM Radio or Media Player

Yes this is true. Despite being a smart phone and that too quite an elegant and fancy one, it was expected to have a music system to entertain its users, however, it did not have that feature. The initial Blackberry released did not have these media facilities and thus users could not listen to music, which they could have otherwise heard in any common radio. This is a big draw back for music fans.

Bulky In Size

The Blackberry is quite bulky and heavy and doesn’t readily fit into a pair of jeans or a small sized purse, which makes it quite a trouble for its users to carry it around. Again more excellent smartphones have been released which are thin, slim and simply beautiful. The size seems to be a bit put off.

Noisy Camera

Unlike other mobiles which have silent cameras and video making quality, Blackberry doesn’t boast that. Each time a picture is taken a huge noise is heard and thus the machine looses its charm.

Small Size Screen

For a smartphone the screen is pretty small, considering that you would have to see videos from You tube, upload pictures or anything as such, but the problem is that the screen is stretched out horizontally and is quite small for it to be used as a  full fledged viewing device. A small screen instead of a big one. That was a spoiler.

Despite all these advantages, business men still prefer to keep this device, whereas the common lot feels that having a Blackberry would not be advantageous and dropped off the idea of owning one when they knew that it could not have any other entertaining factors. There are hundreds of phones out there that provide excellent services under a very good rate.

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