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Posted on 12 June 2010

The latest iPhone 4G is a masterpiece in terms of being a regular phone plus a full fledged media device, determined to give you a much more fantastic user experience. The phone’s basic software is enough to keep you busy for a long long time to come, but that doesn’t seem to be enough, so the phone is now manufactured with space for holding in 2160 applications! Now that is where users would simply never leave their phones alone.

From watching movies on the phone, to read e-books, from browsing facebook to downloading games, everything related to the internet seems possible through this phone.

The list of apps can reach thousands, so we will stick to the basic softwares that is already integrated in the phone, by Apple. Lets take a look at what the iPhone OS has to offer.

1). MULTITASKING: Finally! mobile phone users don’t have to worry about multi-tasking anymore. The iPhone OS allows you to switch between third party apps instantly, without the fear of facing any battery loss or performance problems. This multi-tasking ability has what made it more fun to use apps.

2). FOLDER OPTIONS: After having so many apps, it would definitely be a problem to store them, therefore the iPhone has folder options, that is you can make folders of your apss and get quick access to them. It has a drag and drop facility, again an easy way to organize your stuff.

3). MULTIPLE MAILS : Got multiple mail accounts?? No more worries! You can now check all your accounts  in a single inbox as well as open attachments in third party apps as well.

4). iBOOKS: A book lover? Well, then, you can get to read all great books here as well as shop for them too, anytime of the day.

5). PLAYLISTS: All your music will have a proper playlist, and therefore listening to music too will be in an organized and yet fun filled way.

6). 5x DIGITAL ZOOM: Wow!!! No more strain on the eyes to see small objects on the phone anymore. Now, you can zoom objects to 5 times their size and see it even if you happen to have weak eyesight.

7). GIFT APPS: You have a special place to store apps as gifts to send to loved ones.

8). SPELL CHECK AND WIRELESS KEYBOARD: An integrated spell checker that will work while your emailing, taking notes or any other similar apps. Along with that you can even connect a Bluetooth based keyboard with the iPhone. Now that is something great!

Well this is not the end of the iPhone, there are still many flexible tools and gadgets which is still to be explored and put in use. With the new iPhone you are all set to have a thrilling experience.

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