iPhone Gone Bad!

Posted on 26 June 2010

Apple Inc was drooling in success after their iPod, Mac and other softwares were welcomed with open hands and open hearts. People gave the same great welcoming for their iPhones and rushed off to purchase it with great enthusiasm. Believing that the iPhones would give them the ultimate smartphone experience, they didn’t know that their expectations would be hit hard.

Flaws started to be detected of the supposedly branded iPhone and people began to doubt Apple’s ignorance and careless attitude to providing quality services. Promises made by Apple regarding performance and service of the iPhone started to diminish and unfortunately for Apple, users are not satisfied with the product they so eagerly bought.

Let’s see what flaws has caused customers to be so dissatisfied with Apple’s iPhone.

First of all the screen has some yellowish issue with it, making it loose its beauty and giving it a yellowish, ugly look. The good thing however is that not all phones have that except a few unfortunate ones,the rest same pretty ok.

Now here is the biggest flaw of all. When the phones are held side by side, all at once the signal drops and your unable to connect. This is because of the metal plates that were designed to help boost signals, instead gave an opposite reaction to it and ended up dropping the signals. Looks like Apple forgot to check it’s designer’s common sense. This one single defect has caused the phone to loose most of its power and making it become a drag at times. Browsing doesn’t become effective, calls drop midway and of course so does downloading. You’d have to continue holding the phones straight and not make the mortal error of holding it side ways. Weird defect!

Apple sure has caused customers to make a disgruntled face at this issue and if they don’t take care on their products, most probably they’ll end up with customers shying away from the objects. Apple’s Steve Jobs should not bath too much in the shower of luxury such that he should end up being ignorant of the product’s flaws.

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One Response to “iPhone Gone Bad!”

  1. Doni says:

    iPhone is a buggy and malfunctioning phone, in the past they always blamed 3rd parties for all their problem and malfunctions, sometimes it’s ATT’s fault, sometimes it’s Adob’s fault.etc..

    Recently at the staged show when Jobs failed to work the video crappy chat only through Wifi, it malfunctioned or should I say it didn’t work at all. Rightaway AAPL blamed the WiFi……


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