iPad Menu Card In Sydney Restaurant

Posted on 09 June 2010

iPad’s utility in different fields have been observed recently across the world. Use of iPad in cars have been observed some time ago and airlines plans to use iPads as entertainment during flight for its passengers. Thus iPad’s utility reaches from land till skies.  Apart from these amazing facts, one more amusing use of iPad has came in front i.e iPad used as menu card in restaurant. Yes, the printed menu cards have been replaced by iPad based interactive menu card. This is carried in ‘Global Mundos Tapas’ in the Northern Sydney Rydges Hotel.

Use of iPad simply means technology used for good. It not only sounds good for entertainment but also it is environmental friendly as it saves trees from being cut down for paper production.

The Rydges area general manager, Craig Simpson is quite glad with the use of iPad in restaurant. He expressed that use of iPad in restaurant  has really enhanced the dining atmosphere. It’s use has really increased the food sale and customers enjoy reading the meal menu in a detailed manner.

iPad Menu Card has made dining easier and convenient. Such as:

  • Customers go through each and every dish of the menu card, pictures and taste notes presented helps them select dish of their choice. Customers can send their orders direct to kitchen  with wireless service.
  • iPad menu card offers and suggests them best wine according to their meal and best food pairings.
  • Moreover, if a wine or other dish reaches an end, its name automatically gets erased from the iPad menu list. Also, it asks if they would like to have french fries with the food. This is possible with the Mundo’s iPad menu card app.

The iPad Menu Card is so real, it works best with the restaurant’s menu that it suggest food alike the customer’s mood.

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One Response to “iPad Menu Card In Sydney Restaurant”

  1. Lopez Shawn says:

    Great Idea !

    I Google it and found out that it is now available also in UK!

    check this out: http://www.emenu-international.com/ipadmenu

    You can also see that there are other ways of touch screen menus that restaurant uses in UK and around the world:

    The future of restaurant technology!


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