Posted on 30 June 2010

Image storing and sharing has now become a popular hobby for almost every one. People now take loads of pics from their digital cameras and cell phones, paste them on to social networking sites or share them on various sites. This has become helpful for thousands of bloggers and sites around the world that need pictures to present their topic. Here is a list of 15 most popular image sharing sites that you can find online.

FLICKR: Flickr has revolutionized the web search and is a “pioneer” in new method of cataloging. The secret behind is “tagging” pictures with words that alert search engines about what’s there.

SMUGMUG: It’s a popular and online photo sharing service that provides many benefits to and features to its users. Uploading is so simple in it, just dragging and dropping as would in window and upload progress is shown too.

SHUTTERFLY: It’s an internet based photo sharing personal publishing services. Its top products are photo books, cars and stationary, share sites, shutterfly for iPhone and shutterfly video.

PHOTOBUCKET: It’s among the largest pictures and movie sharing sites. This website is friendly user and uncomplicated to navigate. For its common user it gives cost-free consideration will give you with 500 Megs of storage and 10 Gigs of bandwidth per month.

PICATO: This site is all about cats. You can share pictures of your cats; can browse pictures of other cats, can visit their profiles. You can also view articles about cats, visit the page of homeless cats. So this site is all about Meeeooowww!!!

FOTKI: Fotki is a digital picture, video sharing site. It is one of the world’s largest social networking sites. It offers unlimited storage space for digital images to premium users and to free account holders from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

BUZZNET: It’s a pictures, journal and video sharing social media network. It’s a place where its members share content based on their personal interests. Its members can take part in communities that are created around ideas, events and interests.

ZOOOMR: It’s also a photo and image sharing site. Zooomr provides multi-login capability to its users. Its feature “zipline” adds a social networking aspect to this site.

BUBBLESHARE: It allows users an online space to upload, categorize, gloss, and share their photographs. Its feature “bubble zoom” on a portion of image or create an online photo jigsaw puzzle.

PUTFILE: It’s a free file hosting website that also provides video and photo hosting services. It allows you to upload many photos at once with a thumbnail preview mode.

IMAGESHACK: This site is a fourth fastest growing web brand. It is an image hosting site. It provides free registration services which allow its users to delete and upload old and new photos respectively.

BOLTFOLIO: Boltfolio have unlimited storage and virtually allow uploading any media file i-e, audio, video and photos. It allows tagging to support with search, and also have blogging and other tools to allow users to share content.

WOOMP: This service enables you to manage and create photo galleries. And help to share online your videos, photos and your artworks. It has a customizable template which allows you to edit it and integrate it with your own blog or website.

WEBSHOTS: It is a large and free photo sharing website. It allows its premium users to view the site without ads and can upload a large number of pictures to their galleries.

AOL PICTURES: It enables its consumer’s online digital photo storage in original resolution, tools that make it easier to create photo albums. It’s available free to everyone on internet and easy way to view, share, store, print and protects all of their favorite pictures.

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  1. Nisha Shah says:

    Great List.If you have time, please consider adding another image hosting site i.e PhotoDekho

  2. Andrew says:

    Thank your for the review. I came across with so-called “multiple image hosting” which is allowing you to upload up to 100 pictures at once and then you can post it on Ebay, craiglist, forums, blogs, facebook etc. It is very fast! http://www.picoolio.com


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