A Brief Review of Smart Phone Operating Systems

Posted on 23 June 2010

In the world of smart phones there are three ruling operating system giants. iPhone OS, BlackBerryOS, and the Android OS, with Android being the most in demand operating system of them all. Each of these three ruling giants have changed the way people communicate with each other, and also how the online world has come within the palm of a person. From watching live videos on your cell, to having live video calls, from innovative games to reading e-books, everything seems possible now. One does not need to switch on to a PC to get access to these factors now. Each of the OS will be briefly explained.

iPhone OS

The iPhone OS is from the world’s most prominent technology leader, Apple Inc. iPhone OS is not for any other mobile device except that of Apple’s iPhone 3G and 4G. This operating system was amongst the first to come in the market promising media access and high speed cellular internet.

Users had the facility to watch videos online, download them, buy them from iTunes, read e-books, download various applications, use facebook, and also perform all basic web actions.

The first iPhone was not very popular because of its limited memory and weak battery problem, however, with continuous improvements and enhancements the latest iPhone 4G has finally clicked with people. It is a much more improvised version of its predecessor and has allowed an enormous amount of 2160 apps to be added, along with strong power life and multi tasking features. However the price tag still remains a problem for most people.As with every other Apple apparatus, its difficult for a common man to get hold on it, thus catering to the needs of only hi tech people.

Android OS

Android is made by none other than the revolutionary industry giant “Google”. This OS has the flexibility of being integrated into various cellphones, that is whichever company wants to sign the deal with Google. It is not restricted to any one device. Other than that it is user friendly and provides a more flexible platform than that of iPhone. It allows all kinds of applications to be used, regardless of whether the application is Google based or no. Android is more technical based as users are inclined to be more tech savy as compared to posh iPhone users.

BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry is meant entirely for the business class people. Sporting an interface and functionality for businessmen it helps keep these people on track with their work and especially those who have constant interaction on their emails throughout the day. BlackBerry does not sport much entertainment facilities such as radio, media player or any other as such. It’s camera is not very appreciated by people and its bulky size is also a turn off for many.

So depending on your style, your way of life and your preferences, these three smartphone OS are meant to enhance and improve every aspect of your digital life. Choose anyone of them and enjoy the digital experience in your palm.

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