50 Best Mac Applications

Posted on 24 June 2010

OK! So you recently bought a Mac OS and you have absolutely no idea what applications to choose for it, considering the hundreds of applications available out there. The MAC platform offers apps that are free of cost and very effective. The problem is the large quantity of apps. This article will provide you with a list of 50 best apps that could be used to enhance the performance of your MAC OS.


If you want your MAC desktop to be cluster free and the wall paper should be seen clearly without the dozens of icon disturbing it, then Camouflage will help you with it. It will keep your desktop free of icons and if you want to find for any icon, double click on the desktop and Camouflage will open a finder window where you can find for your files.


This app allows you to sync your Facebook with the iCal account.


For quick access to menus and applications or installed programs, the HimmelBar provides the best option.

It is a bar displayed on the desktop and searches for files through local, user and network applications. Other applications from the hard disk can be added into this HimmelBar too.

4). Name Changer

If you have a list of files which you want to rename but don’t want to go through the task of doing them one by one, then Name Changer is what you should look at. This software allows you to select all the files that you want to rename easily and quickly.

5). QuickSilver

Have you ever wanted an application that could assemble all your data, music and application on one platform? Then download QuickSilver a free app that can gather all your programs on one platform and you don’t have to browse around to work on the applications.

6). SketchBox

This is an app that you’d love to use. It has beautifully designed sticky notes that reminds you what you have to do and when. The notes will be stuck on your desktop.


If you want to keep track of where you spend your time most on your beloved MAC then SLIFE will show you dot graphs of your  activities. Its a software that keeps track of where you spend time the most (on your MAC).

8). Todos

Todos is like a screen where all the applications you use is organized on the screen and can be seen all simultaneously.

9). AppFresh

This app helps to keep all your softwares and applications up to date. You do not have to search for updates, the software will itself recommend update, install it and activate it for you.

10). Burn

A disc burning utility with many features meant for enhancement of CDs and DVD burning.

11). Garagebuy

To buy stuff from E-bay you do not need to browse the site anymore. All you have to do is use this software to get all the updates on the products added on E-bay.

12). NeoOffice

Now this is one app that is extremely needed and useful. Instead of using the heavy MS Office you can easily use this free app which has word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database programs for the MAC OS.

13). Adobe Reader

This version of Adobe Reader is meant specially for MAC and gives you a simple view of pdf documents.


An RSS news feed reader that is meant to keep you updated with latest events, using the MAC platform.

15). ThunderBird

ThunderBird is an all in one comprehensive email tool that allows you to access multiple mail accounts at the same time.

16). AppCleaner

Sometimes uninstalled programs leave their waste behind. To clear up this waste which often takes up precious disk space, use the AppCleaner. It will make sure all these wasted files are thoroughly removed from the hard disk.

17). Caffeine

This caffeine is for your PC, meaning that it will not sleep. Instead an automatic screen saver or a dim screen will be preset when the system is not used for a long time.

18). Carbon Copy Cleaner

Carbon copy cleaner is a backup device that allows you to clone hard disks and store the data in the backup disks. A must have if you want to save your data from being damaged.

19). Growl

Growl allows programs/applications to inform you when things are happening.

20). Istat Pro

To know more about the statistics of your MAC, this software is the best. It gives you information about the CPU, the hard disk performance and many other technical details.

21). Monolingual

Incase you didn’t know all the extra, unused languages also take up an amount of space on your disk. Monolingual will help you remove all those unnecessary languages.

22). SmartReporter

This software deals with hard disk problems. In case any section of the hard disk malfunctions, you are immediately informed.

23). Chat Clients

If you use multiple messengers then log on to Chat Clients to have access to all the messengers. One time, multiple places.

24). Colloquy

This is an advanced IRC, SILC and ICE app that lets you have access to all these chat clients.


This app allows you to keep Facebook chat activated even if you are not on Facebook. You do not need to keep the web browser open for this purpose.

26). Messenger

MAC also has its own MSN messenger, going by the simple name of messenger. Simple interface and easy to use.

27). Skype

This Skype version is designed specially for MAC. It is a light and simple version and does not have the heaviness like the regular software.

28). Unachiever

This is MAC’s WinZip and it supports all files format, zip, tar-gzip, rar, 7-zip, Lha, Stufflt and other such extensions. It can be used for compressing data and also for extracting other WinZip formats.

29). Audacity

Audacity is the tool that is used specially to edit and record sound on MAC. Gives the best performance and is light, easy to use.

30). Centerstage Project

Want to watch TV, play audio, video or photo on MAC then use the Centerstage Project. It is an all in one platform that provides you with all the media capabilities.

31). IpodDisk

Copy music from the iPod to the MAC via Finder.

32). MIRO

An HD video player, podcast player, internet TV shows, torrent downloader, Youtube viewer that can play almost any video file.


A software that conveniently converts open source DVD to MPEG-4.

34). GIMP

A super light hearted software that has taken the place of Photoshop! If you have this on your MAC, you have no need for the star studded Photoshop.


Interested in comics? Then IStrip will help you view and save all comic archives available online.

36). Inkscape

This is one software that has all the combined attributes of Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw and uses standard scalable vector graphics file format.

37). PhotoBook

Crazy about sharing and viewing photos on FaceBook? Check out PhotoBook,a software that allows you to view all FaceBook photos without the need of the browser and you can also comment on the pictures too.

38). FireFox Browser

An affective and easy to use web browser that guarantees speed when browsing.

39). Flock

A social web browser that could be used for general purposes too.

40. Remote Desktop Connection

To access Windows PCs from MAC PCs and utilize each other’s devices.

41). Serverskine

For MAC PCs that are actually servers, Serverskine gives access to web server, domain name and hosting accounts. Keep everything straight in a way that is intuitive, easy and useful.

42). Transmission

This is a BitTorrent client that will act exactly like BitTorrent providing you with al the greatest downloads and sharing of files.

43). Vuze

A torrent software that allows meta search and supports private trackers.

44). KissMAC

A scanner application specially for MAC OS systems.

45). Juice

A podcast receiver that lets users create their own online audio. Built for MAC platform.

46). IStumbler

IStumber is a MAC tool that detects wireless networks, Bluetooth and Bonjour services, wherever you travel.

47). FileZilla

An FTP/SFTP setup for MAC and Windows applications as well.

48). Classic FTP

MAC programs that could be uploaded, downloaded, deleted on a remote server or through using file transfer protocol.

49). Camino Browser

A true MAC web browser that integrates user friendly visual and behavioral characteristics, which is the main concept of Macintosh.

50). MAMP

MAMP is an application that could help you build a PHP webserver. It is an abbreviation for Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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