Using Nokia Mobile Phone As 3G Modem

Posted on 05 May 2010

If you wish to use fast speed internet on your netbook or laptop, you can easily do so with the help of a common mobile phone such as the nokia 6700 classic. This will allow you to browse the web on your laptop wherever you go.

Using a Nokia phone for this purpose can be extremely easy as Nokia provides you all the software required for setting up your handset as a 3G modem.

In order to this, you will first have to download Nokia’s PC Suite , setting up your mobile phone as the default device. After doing this, you can connect your Nokia phone using the USB cable. Although you can also use your phone as a modem wirelessly through Bluetooth, but this may be more complicated.

When the phone gets connected, click on the PC Suite option given on your mobile. After opening the PC Suite on your laptop, click the Connect to the Internet button. This button is located at the top right of all the icons, looking like a little globe with two arrows on it.

Well, that’s about it! You can now browse the internet freely on your laptop, which works perfectly when its out of range of Wi-Fi networks.

To take full advantage of the system, try to opt for a handset with a good data deal, and remember to read the small print to make sure that you don’t end up with any hidden data charges.

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