Sprint To Launch HTC EVO 4G On June 4

Posted on 17 May 2010

Sprint Nextel has announced recently that it will begin the sale of HTC EVO, the most advanced high-speed wireless phone so far, from June 4 for $199. The low price has been introduced specifically to win back the subscribers that the company has lost during the last few years to its bigger rivals.

Being the first in the region to support fourth-generation (4G) high-speed data speeds, the EVO has all the capability to compete well against Apple’s iPhone. Moreover, it is expected that the EVO will arrive in the market long before the iPhone 4G, which is also expected to come this summer, so most users waiting for a 4G phone might go for it instead of waiting for the new iPhone.

Sprint hopes that with EVO, it will be able to get ahead of its rivals such as market leader Verizon Wireless and Vodafone Group, which is expected to offer its first 4G phone in 2011.

The phone is expected to capture the market with its fast Web access and sophisticated features which include two cameras and a large screen.

However, a major shortcoming may be the limited 4G coverage for the device in markets such as New York, which will not be getting 4G until after the summer.

The EVO will be running on a high-speed wireless network by Sprint’s Clearwire Corp venture, which is built based on WiMax.

Sprint would be charging an extra $10 a month service fee for EVO users in both 3G and 4G markets, accumulating to an extra $120 per year.

However, even with the extra fee, Sprint’s cheapest $79.99 monthly service plan would still be very affordable as compared to its bigger rivals.

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