Samsung Seek Mobile By Sprint

Posted on 11 May 2010

Sprint together with Samsung will be launching a new mobile phone, Samsung Seek, which is a compact device featuring a full-QWERTY slide-out keyboard, a well responsive touchscreen along with Sprint’s 3G network.

The phone will be available in three different colors, having an easy to use, customizable menu system that provides instant access to several different features and applications.

The Samsung Seek has the capability to provide smooth messaging, including threaded text messaging, picture messaging, instant messaging and shortcuts to a number of social networking apps such as Facebook , Twitter and MySpace.

The Seek also supports multitasking which means that users can freely listen to their favorite songs while surfing the Web, playing games or checking e-mail.

The new phone comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera and a microSD card which supports up to 32GB of external memory.

Moreover, the new Seek is basically a joint venture of Sprint and Samsung to launch a new green solution scheme. With this package, the users will be able to easily reuse their mobile’s packaging to ship old wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards with a postage-paid paper mailing label.

Once you buy the Samsung Sleek, you can send any old equipment for recycling at no extra charge using the mobile packaging. Sprint has offered to recycle both the equipment and the box.

The packing is also environment friendly and includes paper-based solutions instead of the usual plastic trays. The box and the inner trays are made of post-consumer waste paper fiber which is completely recyclable

According to Sprint, every time a customer uses the postage-paid mailing label with the box to recycle an old device, they will be contributing towards keeping the electronic and packaging waste out of landfills and at the same time, supporting Internet safety for kids. This is because all the earnings from the sale of recycled equipment collected will be used to fund and promote 4NetSafety, which is a charitable program of Sprint Project Connect.

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7 Responses to “Samsung Seek Mobile By Sprint”

  1. michelle says:

    This is a great phone but it doesn’t show update for facebbook (comments, messages, ect..) makes it useless…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love the phone! If you want to be able to do everything that the high priced smartphones do this one will be great. BUT…if you want to listen to your music witht and surf and text you can’t. It is not a multi task phone. You can do all of this but have to do it one at a time. If music is playing you have to stop it to answer text or surf. This is the only thing that the higher dollar smart phones can do that the Seek cannot. But as long as this doesn’t bother you ( and I dont really care when I use it) then this is the phone for you!

  3. mrs.calloway says:

    In order to get your updates you have to login into facebook moblie…. dont use the apps…. do n e one know were i can get free games or apps for the seek…

  4. Teyonna says:

    How do you get games for the samsung seek? ive searched and searched and have yet to find anything. also it is not a multi task phone, when I get a text message my music cuts off you cant do two things at a time on this phone.

  5. josh595 says:

    This phone is very boring..ive been on every website for games.nothin doesnt multitask and you cant even record videos on here !.i do not like this phone at all !

  6. bryanna3/15/10 says:

    Wow i honestly hate this phone… ive had crappy phones before but this one come on now.. im used to being able to bluetooth songs to people but u cant and then my phone always freezes up on me… and i always google to get on facebook and myspace… and then i cant find games either and it sucks cuz nothin works for this song…. come on now they need to upgrade this phone cuz i really want to trade this in and get somethin else

  7. mr locash says:

    Nice one mate. Have a look at my website. It may be interesting to you


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