Nokia May Launch a Windows Mobile

Posted on 06 May 2010

Nokia, which is still the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, is said to be working on a new device that might run on Microsoft’s own operating system. This was disclosed in a recent article in Times Online, which stated some facts about Wolfson Microelectronics, which is a British microelectronics and fabless semiconductor corporation that specializes in signal processing chips. The same company has been selected to provide the required chips for the new mobile phone.

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According to the article, Wolfson went into loss in 2008 due to its loss of contract for supplying components for the Apple iPod. But last year, the company regained some of its strength after it was selected by Nokia to provide some technology for its new Windows Mobile handset.

Although there have been several rumors circulating in the past about Nokia launching a new device in the market under Windows Mobile, but they all proved false at the end. Last year, it was also thought that Nokia might be preparing to launch an Android-based device, but the mobile phone giant vendor denied all the gossips.

Microsoft would surely love to have its operating system running on Nokia phones, but there are very few chances for this to happen. This is mainly because Nokia relies greatly on the capabilities of its Symbian platform, and thus has invested a huge amount of resources in the development of this OS. It may be quite unlikely that it would want to move away from it, switching over to a rival solution for its future devices.

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