Microsoft Office 2010 & SharePoint Server

Posted on 23 May 2010

This month, Microsoft have officially launched Office 2010, Microsoft Share Point 2010, Microsoft Vision 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010. Nearly 8.6 million people are using Office 2010 and related programs, these are the programs launched by Microsoft counted as the best of beta version ever.

So what’s new that Office 2010 brought? Here are some of its highlights:

Better Collaboration Tools:

It’s having better version control and co-authoring tools for Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Excel Web App which let you work on a file with multiple people from different locations.

Microsoft Office Web Apps:

This Office App allows you to store your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online. You can access your online stored files through website from anywhere. You can access, view, edit, and share content seamlessly through the web.

Better Management for High E-mail Volumes:

You can compress long e-mail threads into a few conversations with Outlook 2010. Those conversations can be categorized, filed, ignored, or cleaned up. Its having a new feature “Quick Steps” which allows you to perform multi-command tasks such as “reply and delete” in one click.

Enhanced data Analysis and Visuals for Excel:

The new Sparklines feature in Office 2010 shows compact visual representation of your data with small charts within worksheet cells and ‘Slicers’. The PivotTables data in multiple layers use the Slicers to spend more time in analyzing and less time in formatting.

Broadcasting for PowerPoint:

You can broadcast PowerPoint representation to the audience, even if they don’t have PowerPoint installed. Its new Broadcast Slide Show feature let you share your presentation through a Web browser. It centralizes the process of ‘webcasting’ of your presentations.

If you want to upgrade your Microsoft’s programs to 2010 then first check out these:

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