What is Android?

Posted on 23 April 2010

Mobile phones are now not limited to mere receiving and making calls, rather it has now become a whole gadget geared with all the tools of communication, music, internet browsing, multimedia applications and an entire virtual world within the palm of your hands. What makes this possible is the use of various mobile operating systems that helps a user to experience something more than traditional mobile services. One such operating system is the Android OS developed by Google and designed specially for mobiles, which aims to provide a rich experience for mobile phone users.

Android was built on the basis of developing applications that could make your mobile phone act like a mini PC, encouraging you to perform multimedia activities, without much of a hassle. Android is built on the open Linux Kernel and it integrates in itself a virtual machine that merges memory and hardware resources in a cell phone.

The best thing about Android is that its open source, which means that it can be extended, programs can be added, deleted, applications can be downloaded from the web and installed in your Android OS cell phones, thus providing you with handy tools and programs. More and more developers are joining hands to create Android applications and already there are a hundreds of applications to choose from, each one of them bringing in an innovative idea to mobile computing.

Android is a platform for all kinds of applications and is built to provide users the opportunity to have the phone well tuned to their own respective style, such as changing the home screen, style of the display, and many other applications. The options available are endless, ranging from using favorite photo application to view photos, to using preferred web browsers to browse and upload videos and even to have alerts when friends move into a specific location, and thus giving the chance for instant connectivity. People who use Android, now hardly need to switch on their PCs for uploading their pics, or even for using Facebook. Everything is given access through an Android cellphone. 

Popular Android applications are live video facilities, spreadsheets, pdf applications, music downloads, WiFi systems, Facebook, news reader, games, Amazon.com, internet radio and many other apps. Cellular companies that have signed deals for using Android OS in their cell phones inlcude Motorola, Nvidia, Samsung Electronics and T-Mobile. In the next few years, Android will be having a war with Apple’s iPhones and in the mean while users will again face multiple options, suiting everyone’s style.

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