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Posted on 24 April 2010

Android is now the ruling mobile operating system, as it is entirely open source and each day, new applications are being constantly added to its platform, making it the most flexible mobile OS ever. Though it has been around just for a year or so, it’s applications market has grown tremendously and each day developers are adding to the ever growing list of applications, that could make your cellular life a lot more fun and exciting than just mere phone calls and text messages. It is therefore hard to keep any standard list of which app is the best and which ones score the top ten charts, as each user states his own experience with the various apps. However, here is a brief look into some of Android’s top apps, compiled from hundreds of Android apps.

1). Internet browsers: One of the most innovative ideas is that of integrating browsers such as the Opera Mini and Dolphin browsers to the cell phones. This allows you to have full access to websites just like you do on any regular PC. It is not limited like built in traditional mobile browsers.

An entire Newsweek website can be seen from these browsers, hence you have internet browsing facility straight from your phone.

2). Google Listen: For music lovers, Google Listen is just the app they cannot ignore. It allows downloads directly to the cell, subscribe, search and stream music. An all in all gadget for the music die hard in you.

3). Layar: This is the revolutionized form of search. Layar enables you to see real time images based on your location, along with all information derived from Flickr, Wikipedia, Google search and many other. Its predicted to evolve into a more sophisticated browser with the passing time.

4). NES emulators: What’s an Android cell phone without the integration of games? Games like Excite Bike or Super Mario from Nintendo can be played easily on your cell phone and with each day, there are more emulators added that can give you some fun time with the games.

5). Instant Messengers: Want to be connected with your friends? Now to use messengers you need no longer log on to your lap top or PCs rather you can use AIM or Meebo IM to connect to the various chat messengers. This app is for the chatter box in you.

6). FBabble: Now this app is for the Facebook addicts. It helps you use your facebook  account with all features of uploading photos directly from the cell, changing statuses, comments etc.

7). MultiReader: For reading documents of all types, either .doc or .pdf, this apparatus does it all. You can have a text to speech option for reading documents. A very innovative and less boring way for reading docs.

8). Thesaurus: Stuck in word power? Want to get the synonym of a word, then use the Thesaurus app, which gives synonyms, antonyms and it also keeps a history of search terms, so anytime you are stuck on vocabulary, this is the app to turn to.

9). WikiMobile Encyclopedia: Have you ever imagined having an entire encyclopedia within the palms of your hands? With the WikiMobile Encyclopedia, you can view all the articles, including pictures and through the Android browser, it gives faster results and what’s best is its downloaded for free!!

10). Mobile Banking: Finally banking can now be done right through your cell. You can check balance, pay bills, transfer funds while travelling. Location of ATMs and other bank information can also be found through this app. Truly a wonder for financial information.

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg of ever growing Android applications. A few months down the lane, there will be more apps coming up,each offering a functionality better than the rest.

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