The Hidden Feature ‘Shuffle’ in iPad

Posted on 23 April 2010

The Apple’s iPad is a blend of the features from the iPhone and iPod Touch. It works like the enhanced form of the iTunes or can be said more like a juke-box as the iPod previous experience. But when Apple decided to merge iTunes and iPod features to create iPad’s music player, the basic feature ‘shuffle’ was lost in between them.

It is contrary to Apple’s other applications. If you check individually in iPod Nano or Classic, you will see the option of shuffle on the front menu, where as in iPad, it is hidden.

The feature is not included among the lost ones, it is still there in the back burner. Apple’s previous record in making features like Genius Playlist Feature and Genius Mixes Features provided its bulk customers to shuffle music randomly. At the end, Apple did provided a feature of Genius playlist button on the iPad’s music line.

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