Protecting Assets from Being Used To Commit Crime

Posted on 17 April 2010

Nowadays with all the terrorist attacks that is happening through technical devices, we must take care of our physical devices and make sure that it does not be used in dangerous crimes. Bombs are implanted in a stolen car, laptop stolen is used to gain confidential information, mobiles used to detonate a bomb. All this is happening at a rapid rate and it could be prevented if you follow basic guidelines. Here are a few steps that you can follow in protecting your personal property from being used as criminal gadgets.

Use of mobile phone to set up a car tracking system: In order to set up a car track system, you can use the GSM mobile phone which should have auto-answer and mute functions. Every phone has a mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number and you need to note this down and remember it so that incase any incident occurs, you can provide your IMEI number to have the phone blocked or from being accessed.

Other than this, you can search on the net for loads of ways to install the mobile phone into the car’s systems and have it used as a tracker. In this way you know of where your car lands after a robbery through the effective use of the phone’s GSM system.

Protect home with wireless video surveillance: Having a surveillance system is very important to protect your home from intruders. Now thanks to the internet, you can have surveillance systems installed in the house, through a Wi-Fi security system, that uses an online Active WebCam especially for this purpose. All notifications of intruders will be sent directly on to your PC along with email messages that includes pictures of intruders as well as sensitivity degree for motion detection. Whenever the camera gets images of the intruder, you can at once be notified through a message on the computer screen.

Computer Protection: It has also become extremely important to protect your PC from any sort of intrusion. Keep all data on the hard disk safe and for this get yourself a full disk encryption software. This protects all data and provides a proper backup for all the data available on hard disk. Though it does give protection, to give further security to your systems, set a BIOS password that prevents access to the BIOS system and even if the intruder uses another operating system he cannot get to your data. To track lost laptops, there is an open source system called Adeona, which gathers information such as IP address and network topology that can be used to identify its current location.

There are many security options available, but you would have to get in a little extra effort to get your most important asset secured and even then though it is not 100% foolproof, but with constant upgrading of systems and careful implementation can ensure that your systems are effectively secured.

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