LG GW620 Review

Posted on 19 April 2010

With the launch of the LG GW620, LG Has stepped into the race of mobile phones by releasing its first Android handset, making an effort to please those who wish to buy an affordable smartphone.

The touchscreen mobile comes with a sliding physical qwerty keyboard, and has a display screen of 3 inches. Having sharp colors, the screen provides great image quality, although the screen could have been made larger to increase its usefulness.

The GW620 looks quite similar to the Motorola Dext. But the LG handset is a little shorter and slimmer, measuring 109mm by 54.5mm and 15.9mm in thickness.

The phone runs on the Google Android 1.5 operating system. LG has added a home-screen selector that allows you to choose between the default Android theme or an LG skin to the basic Google OS.

Several new functions have also been added including the face-tagging feature and auto-detection in photos. With this feature, once a person has been tagged, you can call or message a contact by tapping their tag in an image.

Some social networking software has also been added to cater for the tweeters and facebookers. The social network services manager is an application that has the capability to access Facebook, Twitter and Bebo accounts and pool the information together, providing constant updates. The update notifications are however limited, with 30 minutes as the shortest automatic polling time. Along with these features, there is a quick-launch camera app button at the bottom on the right, and just above that is a button for quick launching the music application. At the top is the microSD slot. A 3.5mm audio jack is aso located with the phone’s power button.

In short, the LG GW620 has been designed keeping in view the young audience, especially 16-24 year olds who like to buy affordable and stylish smartphones. Thus if you’re looking for a decent basic Android smartphone, it’s worth looking at the GW620.

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