iPhone To Be Used In War

Posted on 09 April 2010

We have heard that there is an app available for absolutely everything, but never truly believed it. But now after looking at this, I believe it wholeheartedly that an app has definitely been created for everything.

The iPhone can now be used in war. The US military chiefs are planning to use Apple’s products on the battlefield in order to give the soldiers a technological edge over insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By doing this, it will be possible for soldiers on patrol to share up-to-the-minute maps of enemy hotspots with each other, view video from drones or check photos of enemies using their iPhones.

It is becoming increasingly important for soldiers to cater information coming from various sources in order to survive and fight in the hostile territory. Military forces are now investing in “networked warfare” which allows troops to be linked not only to each other with radios but to weapons systems and intelligence data.

This makes Apple’s iPod Touch and the iPhone an obvious choices for soldiers who require comparatively cheaper handheld devices that come with easy-to-use applications.

The iPod Touch has already been used greatly in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a translating tool. A program called Vcommunicator is widely being used by soldiers, that gives them spoken and written examples of Arabic and Kurdish and two Afghan languages. Moreover, a new iPhone app, Bullet Flight, which has been designed to boost a sniper’s accuracy, has proved to be quite popular.

With the increasing defense budget, it has become difficult for the military to invest in the research and development of technological advancements. Thus, it has decided to ask for help from major technological companies to help it out. Many companies, including Apple has responded to this by promising to develop special military apps for soldiers.

One such company, Next Wave Systems in Indiana is busy in developing an application that would allow the soldier to take a picture of a street sign and, in a few moments, receive intelligence uploaded by other soldiers triggered by the words on the sign. This data could include information about recent local incidents or insurgent sympathizers.

Such combined projects with the military could prove be extremely beneficial for the technological companies as they will gain huge profits, while helping their country at the same time.

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