iPhone 4G Leakage

Posted on 20 April 2010

This news is one of the most controversial topic this month, concerning Apple and its seemingly latest product the iPhone 4G. The reason of its controversy, is that Apple Inc never announced or even hinted for the release of a latest iPhone, but unfortunately it was somehow leaked out when a prototype of the so called latest iPhone 4G was found lying on the floor of a local bar, supposedly dropped by an Apple engineer named Gray Powell in Redwood City and it was picked by a person who then sold it to Gizmodo. This is the current outline of the mishap. The point here to note is that Apple Inc’s policies about developing softwares have always been very sacred and for the first time such a critical blunder has been made.

The story revolves around Engadget a gadget blog that posted a blurred picture of which it said might be the new iPhone 4G, and also added that it was found in a local bar floor in San Jose, Calif.

A tipster sent in the pictures but the device itself is not shown in full functionality, thus it could have been discarded as yet another fake news.

Now the funny part here is that Engadget’s rival, Gizmodo, also posted up their own versions of the iPhone 4G and insisted that it was found on the floor of a bar in Redwood City, Calif. Here we have a contradiction and thus it is unclear as to who is right about the phone, especially when both the sites did not show the phone in action. Some say that Gizmodo paid for getting the news and added in their own place name.

When Apple was contacted to comment on this mishap or this fake news, it did not respond and thus further aggravated the supposed rumor (if it really is a rumor). It was also stated by various close knitted people that Apple considered this information “stolen” and could have possibly paid the tipster to retrieve the pictures back.

Though all these are speculations, one could say that a blunder did somehow happen and it is most shocking, as Apple considers its secrecy as top most priority and to have a latest gear gadget prototype lying around is one shocking news to all. Even when Apple provides its employees with gears and gadgets to take home for test drives, one could never get the leak out of it. Whatever the situation is, one is sure to find loads of reviews, loads to opinions about the latest iPhone and may be this could also be a way that Apple can get public opinion which could further enhance its products.

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