HTC EVO 4G Review

Posted on 01 April 2010

A new Phone, HTC EVO 4G, has been launched from the HTC company. It has been claimed by the corporation that HTC EVO 4G is going to become the most famous smartphone in the market.

This claim also suggests that it has the capability to overcome the popularity of other phones that are currently dominating the phone market such as the iPhone and Droid.

According to the company, the phone will be the most powerful phone amongst the ones that are currently present in the market.

Some of the main features of the HTC EVO 4G include:

  • A 4.3 inch screen, which is one of the largest screen available in the mobile phone market.
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Runs on Android 2.1 OS.
  • Utilizes both 3G and 4G networks for high speed mobile access.
  • Comes equipped with both a 8.0 and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
  • Has Bluetooth.
  • Carries a digital compass.
  • Allows GPS Navigation
  • Has HDMI port for connectivity to your HD TV to watch and share photos and videos.
  • Mobile HD enabled.
  • Allows messaging through IM, text and Email.
  • Allows for social networking integration with Facebook, Flickr and others.
  • Allows the use of over 30,000 apps for business, pleasure or productivity.
  • Allows users to use mobile services from Google, including Gmail, Youtube, Voice and Maps.

The HTC EVO 4G phone will make use of the new 4G network, providing high speed data transfer speed

The launch of HTC EVO 4G was announced on the 23 March 2010, but the price of the phone has not been announced as yet.

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3 Responses to “HTC EVO 4G Review”

  1. Eryn Dirkse says:

    Really looking forward to the new HTC Android, it looks awesome!

  2. Yo! this htc EVO looks hellz nice!!! i’m really wondering to hook up this mobile, i think Android OS is much better than the iOS IMO so i think thats the telly for moi :)

  3. I am one of these people who puts their entire life on their phone so I received a Centro way back when and loved it- so customizable (color coding things such as calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and easy to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it simply lacked some ‘me’ things. So, whenever I saw all that Android could do…. well I was very thrilled. I was blessed to have found 1 phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve already been enjoying and customizing ever since.


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