Hackers Can Install Android On iPhone

Posted on 27 April 2010

There is a buzz going on over the internet that some hackers have successfully exploited a weakness present in the iPhone, by managing to install the Google open source Android operating system into the iPhone.

The hackers have successfully installed Android OS 1.6 on the original iPhone, forming a multi OS device that will be capable of running both the older versions of two of the biggest smartphone operating systems.

The whole process can be seen on a You Tube video, with a step by step process explaining the complete procedure. However, it does not function that well as the camera fails to work and some apps might face some problem running.

In the video, you can clearly see the hacker breaking through the older iPhone 2G. Mind it, the procedure will not work on the 3G network.

Although nearly a million viewers have already watched the short video, it seems quite unlikely that the Android OS will become an alternate option for iPhone users as the lack of buttons on the phone makes it a little difficult to use the OS. Moreover, the iPhone OS is already so good that no one would want to switch over from it, unless they want access to the ‘open’ app store — i.e the Android Market.

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